My Five Favorite Keanu Reeves Action Films

March 24th, fans of the “John Wick” movie series will be treated to the fourth installment of the titular character’s journey to escape his roots as a covert assassin. After the events of “Chapter 3,” Wick finds himself again under fire from a global group of killers. Reeves is an actor who is no stranger to action cinema, and along his very seasoned career spanning the 80’s and in to the aughts, he’s accumulated an impressive filmography. Among them: action films. These are five of what I consider to be his best action films, to date. 

Do you have a favorite Keanu Reeves film?

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Two Little, Too Late: Five Awful Sequels Released Too Late

Most recently, the sequel to “The Big Lebowski” was released in theaters without much fanfare and much of a response, if we’re going to be honest. I wasn’t even aware there was a sequel in the works until I came across the trailer online by accident. “The Jesus Rolls” lacks just about everything “The Big Lebowski” brought to cult cinema, and John Turturro never makes much of an argument for why Jesus Quintana deserved a sequel/spin off during the entire film. It is pretty sad, considering I wouldn’t have minded if Jesus ended up sparking a cult classic in the same league as The Dude.

That said, here are five other sequels that came years (sometimes decades) later, and flopped big time.

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