The Five Best Episodes of 2019’s “The Twilight Zone” Season 1

Jordan Peele’s ambitious reboot of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” has managed to become one of the most polarizing series of the year, but it’s definitely inspired people to talk and that’s a good thing. Peele is not settling on merely a tribute, but has managed to retrofit a lot of classic episodes to modern sensibilities. While some episodes were clunkers, most episodes this season have been fantastic. With the season finale airing now on CBS All Access, I thought I’d list the five best episodes of the first season.

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Alan Sues: A Funny Man

In 1968, Alan Sues became a household name thanks to his wacky persona on the TV hit “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.” But he was hardly an overnight success – he enjoyed a long career on Broadway, in flims, in nightclubs and on television (including a classic “Twilight Zone” episode) before “Laugh-In” came around. On today’s show, our guest is Michael Michaud, author of the new biography “Alan Sues: A Funny Man.” If you recall the “Laugh-In” cut-up or you are just discovering his zany humor, you’ll love this episode.

The episode can be heard here.

Creature Crypt, Week Three: The Shadow Man; Looney Tunes’ Monsters


“Creature Crypt” is a four part weekly column that spotlights two creatures from our childhood that made us in to rabid horror fans. These are the creatures that scared us, wowed us, made us cry, and made us hope they weren’t under our bed.

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The Twilight Zone: The Complete Third Season (DVD)

Tb75dbvAs a hardcore “The Twilight Zone” fan who spent his but every new year in front of the television watching twenty four hours of Rod Serling’s iconic series, I have to say that season three of “The Twilight Zone” is among some of the best television ever produced. It’s also some of the most brilliant genre entries you’ll ever find. Let’s face it, there was never anything like “The Twilight Zone” and there never will be again. With stars like Carol Burnett, Cliff Robertson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Redford, Charles Bronson, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Dean Stockwell appearing in some truly noteworthy installments, this is a season set absolutely worth owning.

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Our Top Ten “The Twilight Zone” Episodes of All Time

Twilight Zone

As I’ve learned this year, there are still people out there who haven’t seen “The Twilight Zone” and are not aware of the often brilliant and shocking twists hiding within the mysteries that master storyteller Rod Serling composed in the fifties and sixties. As many know “The Twilight Zone” is one of the best and more influential anthology series of all time, a show that was at times scary, funny, and compelling while also serving a purpose to comment on issues like poverty, death, the war, the holocaust, crime, infidelity, greed, and the debate of heaven and hell along with theology and the flaws of the human soul.

At rare times it was merely a form of escapism, and not every episode was a bonafide masterpiece, but almost all of the time Serling’s seminal science fiction show was about something. It had a statement to make, it was important and that’s why it continues to be look at as the standard for modern pop culture influencing thousands of television shows, authors, and musicians across the world and is basically larger than life. It’s garnered two pretty underwhelming feature films, a respectable but mediocre eighties reboot, and a very bad, and quickly cancelled millennium reboot, all of which have paled in comparison to Serling’s original series. While we left out many good episodes of Serling’s science fiction horror series, these are the episodes we consider the best of the best and our absolute favorites.

Warning: If you’ve yet to fully indulge in the entire legacy of the series, be cautious there will be spoilers within this list as we offer up our ten favorite episodes of “The Twilight Zone” of all time.

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Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) (DVD)

What would have been my idea of a great Twilight Zone movie? How about grabbing excellent writers and telling your own stories with twists and commentary. Instead, what we received were remakes of the best episodes of the series regurgitated in to mediocre installments with semi-horror bookends that seemed awfully shoe horned into the script. That’s not what I would have preferred as someone who absolutely loves the series with all his heart. And it’s simply not in keeping with Serling’s brilliant storytelling that’s painfully missed during the run time.

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