5.7 Seconds (2024)

Premiering at the LA International Short Film Festival, Tim Aslin and Shane Cibella’s short “5.7 Seconds” is a great idea, teeming with the feeling from a movie like “28 Weeks Later.” In an undisclosed location, in an unexplained calamity, a young woman rushes in to an abandoned car and locks herself inside from stalking individuals out in the middle of the day. Distraught and panicked, she locks the doors and is shocked to discover someone else has been hiding in the car, too.

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Diary of the Dead (2007) [Blu-Ray/Digital]: Wal-Mart Exclusive Steelbook

Later in his career, George Romero never could win with audiences. If he was too campy, he was berated for not being serious enough. When he was too serious, he was berated for “losing his sense of humor.” With “Diary of the Dead,” Romero has a very unique and important statement to make about the media, misinformation, and the dangers of social media. With “Diary of the Dead,” Romero bounces back and forth between cheeky camp and some stern warnings about misinformation and sensationalism during very real times.

With this iteration of the zombie apocalypse, it isn’t so much the death of death that kills us, but the lack of information for the sake of entertainment.

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Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

I’ve never liked “Jaws: The Revenge.” Even as a kid who would watch anything that was on TV, I would often doze off during “The Revenge.” And that’s saying a lot since the movie technically has killer sharks in it. I’m glad I’m not in the minority as “The Revenge” has ranked up there with embarrassing sequels like “Staying Alive” and “The Exorcist II” and for good reason. “The Revenge” is a further slap in the face of the 1975 film, first killing off one of Brody’s children to a—ahem—vengeful shark. And then we later come to learn that Martin Brody has also died off screen from a massive heart attack. So that’s it? Brody gets a cheap off screen death, and the shark gets a very goofy movie serial revenge arc. Got it.

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Jaws 2 (1978)

You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain. That’s the sad fate for Sheriff Brody who, years after the events of “Jaws,” is now seen as the crackpot of Amity Island. Despite the fact that the mayor admitted defeat in the end of “Jaws,” and in spite of academic backing, and a very experienced shark hunter dying at the teeth of the beast, Amity Island has a streak of memory loss prompting a lot of people to forget what Sheriff Brody accomplished at the end of the original movie.

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Twister (1996) [4K UHD/Digital]

Available from Warner Home Entertainment.

Director Jan De Bont is one of the last remaining blockbuster directors that delivered a one two punch of big movies in the 1990’s. After his big debut with the thriller “Speed,” De Bont followed it up with a classic disaster film in the tradition of Irwin Allen. The climate was just right as disaster pictures had experienced a big resurgence and “Twister” hit all the right chords. While it might not be the most complex of disaster pictures, it has a great time staging huge scenes of weather wreaking havoc on land.

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A Quiet Place: Day One (2024)

“A Quiet Place” has managed to balloon in to its own respectable horror/scifi series but through it all has remained an apocalyptic tale about people. Just when you thought you’d seen all apocalyptic scenarios, Krasinski and co have explored a reality where Earth is destroyed by super powerful monsters known as “Death Angels.” They hunt by sound and are merciless when pursuing victims. In spite of running the risk of tiring this premise, “Day One” finds a way to explore a new angle of this alien invasion. Here, director Michael Sarnoski likens the invasion of the “Death Angels” as a horrible catastrophe where in survival relies on isolation and alienation and not unity.

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