Into the Dark: Down

For Blumhouse’s polarizing anthology series in February, the writers of “Into the Dark” tackle Valentine’s Day. One of the nasty aspects of having to write the review for “Down” is it’s nearly impossible to write about it without spoiling the episode’s big hook. And the primary motivation for watching “Down” is the way the premise devolves in to a huge twist mid-way. Like all of the episodes of “Into the Dark” so far, the episode is fifteen minutes too long, but once it completely reaches fever pitch, it’s quite an exhilarating horror thriller based around the holiday.

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Five Favorite Crazy Movie Sex Scenes

It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s no problem if you choose not to celebrate this holiday. It’s not even really a holiday, its more an excuse to make single people feel bad, and couples feel guilty about not picking up a box of cheap candy or a lame card from the local pharmacy. What, me bitter? No! I’m not bitter at all. In honor of the holiday, here are five of some of my favorite crazy movie sex scenes of all time.

Let Me Know Some of Your Favorites in the Comments!

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Emilie Black’s Top Five Childhood Celebrity Crushes


In an effort to give the other side of the coin, something for those who may prefer their crushes to be male, I have compiled a list of my top 5 Childhood Celebrity Crushes.  Having grown up outside of the US and in French, my top was originally an odd mix of French-speaking celebrities and English-speaking ones.

To make this easier for the readers here, I have decided to only give 5 of my English-speaking Celebrity Crushes.

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Five More Movie Characters I Want to Marry


If you’re a pop culture fanatic, you’ve come across one or two fictional characters in your lifetime that you become smitten with and sometimes fall for. It’s entirely possible and happens more frequently than most people realize. I had such a good time compiling my last list of Ten Movie Characters I Want to Marry, that I thought for the upcoming arrival of Valentine’s Day, I’d celebrate by listing Five More Movie Characters I’d Love to Marry.

Who are some movie characters you’d marry if given the opportunity? Let us know in the comments. And Happy Valentine’s, you filthy animal.

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Top Five Childhood Celebrity Crushes


Another Valentine’s Day dawns upon us single folk, reminding us that we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on dates or obligatory gifts just to appease our significant others as Valentine’s Day demands we express our love to someone or else we’re cold heartless monsters. As we prepare for another holiday involving cheap chocolate and greeting cards with hollow sentiment, I fondly recall five of the biggest Celebrity crushes of my childhood in the 1990’s and how they affected me big time.

Some of the crushes I outgrew, and some I just plain stopped liking altogether. In either case, my unrequited love for these celebrities inspire fond memories of a more innocent time during adolescence.

Who were some of your biggest celebrity crushes? Let Me Know in the Comments!

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Love Stinks: Eight Demented Movie Romances

I can’t stomach too many romance movies these days, and I’ve always hated how romance is slipped into almost anything to garner some form of padding for the plot. Sometimes the love between two people is sweet, and many times it’s worthy of a groan and an eye roll. So, I thought of my favorite romances, and as expected, the list is slim, but hot damn, these movies are still great.

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Ten Movie Characters We Want to Marry

Every movie geek, be they a man or woman, gay or lesbian, child or adult, have their own list or choices of movie characters they’ve laid eyes upon that they would love to marry, or have a relationship with. Often times these characters are simply fictional, but it’s possible there are people like them out there, somewhere. If we look hard enough. In either case, like every movie geek we have our list of ten movie characters we’d love to marry, and in the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we explore ten characters from the movies we’d propose to, and love every second with.

Do you have ten movie character you’d marry in a heartbeat? Let us know!
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Valentine (2001)

valentine4Taking every bit and piece it can from “Slaughter High,” 2001’s painfully bland and tedious “Valentine” examines what happens when you fuck a nerd in the ass. At a school dance for Valentine’s Day, young Jeremy Melton experiences endless rejection from his classmates during the dance and braves the social experience anyway. After young Dorothy Wheeler sets him up to become the target of school bullies, Jeremy is never heard from again and becomes fodder for the group of girls later in their lives. I always assumed horror films were supposed to focus on likable characters. If not, there should be at least one or two likable characters you can connect with. “Valentine” works against such an effort focusing on four of the most vapid and utterly despicable young girls ever written, all of whom are stuck up rich snobs just asking to be brutally slaughtered.

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