Revealer (2022) 

Following an altercation outside of her work, a stripper ends up stuck inside with a religious protestor while the world seemingly is ending outside. As they work through their issues and try to get out alive while being followed by something malevolent. 

From a story by Luke Boyce, written by Michael Moreci and Tim Seeley, and directed by Boyce, Revealer is a very 80s apocalypse, neon-tinged, synthwave-filled horror film that makes no excuses about it while making the most of it. The small-town setting, the clothing, the crummy stripping booths in the back of an adult store, the tongue-in-cheek moments, the way the girls talk, this one feels almost completely right for the time period, something many films just cannot nail at all. Here, it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. The film as a whole is entertaining, it’s fun, and it has some nasty bite here and there. 

The two leads here are played by Caito Aase as Angie and Shaina Schrooten as Sally. The way they play these two very opposite women who end up finding common ground in order to survive works fantastically well here. They are funny, genuine, and bring a bunch of energy to their characters. This makes the film here. Their chemistry, bad at first, then gradually getting better, is something that brings a lot to the story and they really carry the film. The locations are limited, the actions are a bit limited as well, and the two of them make the most out of it all. Their work together to escape really is something to be seen. There are other cast members here, but the viewer gets to see so little of them, it’s easy to forget they were even there at all by the mid-point of the film. This is all about Aase and Schrooten here. 

The film’s look and music count for a lot here. A bunch of the film takes place in corridors with limited light and interest in terms of décor and the cinematography by Robert Patrick Stern is really strong here, making the most of the limited locations and space in which the two leads work for most of the film. The music by Alex Cuervo goes with hand-in-hand with the film as a whole, adding just the right tone to scenes and making sure that the 80s are well-represented. 

Revealer is an enjoyable watch that nails the late-80s feel with the right colors, music, themes, and so much more. The film is a love letter to those old school apocalyptic films with a touch of Satanic Panic. It all comes together to make for a fun watch and one that goes by quickly. The performances by the two leads, Caito Aase and Shaina Schrooten work very well together and with the story. The two of them carry the film and make it more fun as pair of enemies working together to get out of a very bad situation.