The Long Night (2022) 

A young woman looking for her roots gets a call that makes her want to go to a small rural town. With her boyfriend, they soon find out that the invitation may not have been for what they expected. 

Written by Mark Young and Robert Sheppe and directed by Rich Ragsdale, The Long Night is a movie better watched with as little information about it as possible to give it a full chance at surprising the viewer. That being said, the little blurb above is a very basic one on purpose. The writing here is good with some more than decent twists and turns, some will be a bit predictable, but the main ones remain surprising and work great as the film advances. The story does have some familiar beats and of course the main marketing gave a lot away, but even with that, it’s an entertaining film that’s decently written and directed. 

In the lead of Grace is Scout Taylor-Compton who is really good here. She’s become a mainstay for the horror genre and a very welcomed one at that. Here, her work is solid and she brings her own thing to the lead character. Her work helps ground the film. Playing her boyfriend Jack is Nolan Gerard Funk who does well, but something about either his performance or the way the character of Jack is written makes him someone that is hard to like after a few specific scenes go down. He thankfully has some redeeming moments, but overall, something is off here. The rest of the cast is also good, a few coming up above the rest of course, giving the film a solid base of actors to build upon and get its story going and to the surprise ending. 

The cinematography by Pierluigi Malavasi here is great. The film not only looks good, but there is also depth and clarity in the dark sequences, the viewer can see what is going after dark and in areas without as much light as daylight or well-lit spots. The film has a good amount of darkness and the work done with the cinematography helps the viewer follow the story and also really enjoy some of the fantastic imagery here.  

The Long Night is a beautiful to look at, dark film with some truly tense moments, some sequences that are actually surprising, and a few images that will stick with the viewer for a while afterwards. Scout Taylor-Compton carries this one and offers a strong performance for the film to lean on.