X-Rated Alley: Sex Roulette (1977), The Little Blue Box (1979)

xratedalley-logoImpulse Pictures graces vintage porn collectors with newly restored versions of some of the rarest adult films ever released, offering digital remasters from the original 35mm materials. “Sex Roulette” from director Alan Vydra was heavily edited and censored for years, and Impulse provides the long cut this time around. If you’re really in to an adult movie centered on an elderly man and an African American dwarf getting in to all kinds of sexually aggressive adventures, then you might like “Sex Roulette.”

LBBI didn’t. It’s boring, it’s dull, and co-star Vanessa Melville just isn’t good looking, no matter how hard director Vydra tries to paint her. “Sex Roulette” is notable if only for its extreme sex sequences. The main character spends his time coercing young women in to giving him oral sex, and then pins women down against their will to experience sex. There’s also a surreal orgy scene set in a pig sty where a group of rich people indulge in group sex with the sounds of pigs replacing the soundtrack.

There’s also the odd scene of the elderly main character molesting a pregnant nun, and attacking her with a knife. “Sex Roulette” is a terrible film, even if it is a rarity in vintage erotica. Second, there’s Arlo Schiffin’s “Little Blue Box,” a fun and very erotic adult film/sex comedy that centers on John, a man living out his fantasies with the perfect technology. John is a writer and faithful husband with a vast imagination and he has constant daydreams of having sex adventures with busty women and being given some fun times in the sack.

He’s consistently disappointed with his wife, though. She’s a frigid and cold fish who spends a lot of her time complaining and whining about John, and bickering about her neighbors. One day while at home, he’s greeted by a deviously sexy blond woman and door to door saleswoman named Ms. Azure, who introduces John to the “Little Blue Box.” It’s a glorified television tuner that allows John to watch his own sexual fantasies come to life on the screen. John begins acting out his fantasies with the insanely voracious and enigmatic Ms. Azure, and is very fascinated with channel 69.

SexRoulette_webJennifer Welles is the highlight of “Little Blue Box,” playing dual roles as John’s wife, and John’s sexual playmate Ms. Azure. Welles is incredibly, and has an amazing body, playing well off of star John Leslie. Welles as both the whiny wife and sexual fantasy in the flesh really keeps “Little Blue Box” from sinking in to tedium.

The movie itself has about twenty minutes of narrative with most of the movie devoted to John’s fantasies, as well as the finale when John finally tries out channel 69. “Little Blue Box” is an effective and erotic adult film, and a very good release by Impulse Pictures.

They do a bang up job giving both “Sex Roulette” and “The Little Blue Box” restorations. Both films are crisp and clean experiences, save for some minor moments of film discoloration, and brief scenes where the film crackles a bit.

With zero extras or liner notes, both films are in stores July 12th. “The Little Blue Box” is the gem of the pair.