Blood In The Snow 2021 

The annual fest was back again this year out of Toronto, Canada and this year it screened in a theater and on a premium channel in Canada. This hybrid version allowed them to reach as many folx as they could throughout Canada. A few lucky people outside of Canada were given access to part of their films. Here is what Cinema Crazed was able to watch with a little blurb about each!

Woodland Grey
A man and a woman are forced to learn from each other and live together after he saves her life in the woods. Soon she discovers that something more than simple living/survivalism is going on in this man’s life. This film has strong acting and looks beautifully grey. It’s a slow burn and one some won’t stick through, but fans of the sub-genre should be well-served here.

Flee The Light
Two sisters deal with a paranormal phenomenon that is attached directly to one of them. With the help of an unusual woman, they try to resolve the issue. The acting here is strong, the film has an interesting story, and the way things go down play just enough against expectations to make this a great watch. Jane Siberry (the singer of It Can’t Rain All The Time on The Crow soundtrack) plays a vital part in this film. 

The Chamber of Terror
In a room where gangsters and one man are facing off, truths and admissions come to light under violent circumstances. This one is a fun one, it has lots of blood, plenty practical effects, and some truly unexpected twists. This is the kind of films that can seemingly only get made by independent filmmakers as it has that special touch that seems to come from having nothing to lose and everything to gain. One of the most fun offerings of the fest this year. 

The second film to come out this year about truffles and pigs, this film is one that takes a completely different approach from the other (the Nic Cage starrer Pig) and goes for survival of the fittest in a pandemic world including a restaurant owner, a truffle dealer, and the middle woman between the two. This title takes its leading lady and puts her through hell, something that makes the overall feeling of the film quite bleak. This aspect will make the film one only for viewers who like their films dark story wide and visually. 

Vicious Fun
Vicious Fun is a greatly fun killer film with a twist that works perfectly. The performances work (like seriously, Robert Maillet in that part is just perfect) and the cast is on point throughout. The décor, music, and style work for the film (even with the aforementioned issue). It’s a fun film to watch with friends on a Saturday night where you want to have fun, but don’t really want to go out. 

This is a title that we reviewed earlier this year, but it was a joy to see it show up. See our previous review here 

 As usual, Blood In The Snow offered a collection of interesting films, both features and shorts, with options for all horror fans. It was unfortunately impossible to watch everything they had to offer. That being said, a good sampling was done with the above and themes of otherness, revenge, and survival were clearly at the forefront.