Short Films for You!

You’ve seen some of the short films round-ups we’ve posted on this site, most of the time not being able to watch the films yourself. Mixing this with an idea taken partially from my habit of sharing short films on social media with the comment “Short film for you!”, I bring you our version of Short Film for You! Where we will share short films that you can watch online legally and easily. Please note that all links were live at time of posting, but may be removed in the future, so get on it and go watch these short films! 

This week’s crop was sent courtesy of actress Hilary Barraford, thanks you Hilary! If you want to send your short film links, please reach out on Instagram to @emybphoto (I check those messages every day). Without further ado: 

VW (2017, 20 minutes) 

Following the passing of family their parents, two brothers head back home where they have booked an Air BnB for their stay. Once they get there, things go unexpectedly. This short written and directed by Joe price has a really strong opening and fun ending with good acting throughout. The cinematography here is more than on point, making great use of light and darkness as well as vantage points not often used, particularly in the opening. The special effects are good and kept mostly for later in the film. You can watch VW here. 


Latch (2017, 3min56) 

A brother and sister play a scary game in the closed to see who is braver. Soon, something else wants to play. Written and directed by Landon Stahmer, this is a short and sweet scary film. Under 4 minutes, this film balances tension and scares just right with a simple, yet effective story. The acting is strong and the visuals work great. The cinematography is fantastic. The one down side to this one is that the film gives itself away. You can watch Latch here. 


The After Party (2018, 18min45) 

In this noir-esque short film, an influencer stops in a bar after spotting a sign for an after party. Once there, she meets and is confronted by four other women with stories for her. Written and directed by Colin Costello, this short has a sort of purgatory vibe to it, like the lead has fallen into another world when she crossed that door into the after party. The film’s cinematography and editing lead directly into that as well, with the cinematography giving lush, yet stark look to the black and white images, something that works wonders here. The cast here is good overall, but some are a bit uneven, the lead being the main culprit of this. The film overall is an excellent watch. You can watch The After Party here. 


The Thing from the Hallway (2018, 11in25) 

A man alone at home contemplates life when someone comes to the door. This woman is there with a warning, but what is it really about? This short written by Soren Narnia and Tony J Rivas and directed by Rivas stars Mike Bash and Hilary Barraford in two strong performances. This film hinges on their performances and they bring it. The film looks great and the location is used efficiently. Surprises and a few tense moments are found here. Overall, this short works best with as little known about its story as possible before watching it. You can watch The Thing from the Hallway here. 


Unseen (2019, 19min34) 

Based on a true story, this short brings the story of one girl, like so many others, brought into a dangerous situation by the appeal of an ad on social media. This short is one that mixes technology with reality, leading to a scary, and real, story. Written and directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, this short film is powerful and wastes no time making its point. It’s an important viewing that showcases the tragedy many have faced with good writing, strong directing, and natural performances. This is a strong film, one that should be shown to teenagers and others at risk of the same situation. You can watch Unseen here.


Come back next week for more short films for you!