A Knight's Tale (2001)

tumblr_lhlop8VQtN1qe5zgiMan, it really pisses me off when such a movie with such heart has tons of flaws to it. First off, the beginning of the movie threw me off so much. I mean, classic rock in medieval times? While two knights joust, we see the crowd of peasants and noblemen pounding their fists on the wooden banisters to the beat of Queens “We Will Rock you.” Am I missing something?

I mean, classic rock is not that classic. Personally, the classic rock soundtrack was a treat for me being a huge classic rock fan, but come on. They went about it all wrong. Then we see the crowds doing the wave. The Wave! The wave in medieval times?! Sorry, but I’m a stickler for these types of things. This movie is w-a-a-a-y too unmotivated and begins w-a-a-y too fast. Where’s the plot set-up? Where’s the character introduction? Nowhere.

Weren’t the directors thinking about this? There’s not depth in the characters. Sure they’re good characters, but let’s find something out about them. Let’s discover their flaws, weaknesses. Tsk, tsk. Another problem that really chafed me was that the supporting cast was alot more interesting than the actual star. Wat and Roland and Chaucer had such great chemistry together that they provided excellent comic relief. Modern Clothes?! Modern Clothes?! Why was the queen wearing clothes that looked like it came out of the Versaci collection? Can someone tell me that?  Well, what else it there to say? Unmotivated storyline, bad love interest situation, dull leading man, quick plot with no set-up. Lazy movie.