The Tuxedo (2002)


Jackie Chan seems often bored and detached from this film, never giving the charisma he displays in his movies. It dawned upon me that he might be aging or running out of ideas as he starts using wires to help with most of his stunts. We open with him attempting to ask a sexy art dealer on a date and ultimately screw it up. I found it hard to believe that an art dealer would go out with a creepy stuttering taxi driver, so I wasn’t surprised when she rejected him like a bad habit.

Then there’s this obligatory fight scene in which a biker from the city manages to become a fighter, chasing Chan’s character around his taxi as he skillfully dodges his attacks. Most of the wire coordinated fight scenes were incredibly contrived and barely original. You watch and know you’ve seen it all before, and I think Chan knew it as well. The entire film’s farfetched nature continues throughout the film introducing a truly lame and annoying character Del Blaine played by Jennifer Love Hewitt who attempts to nerd herself up in scientist get-up.

She and Chan have zero chemistry, and it doesn’t help that she is completely unlikable throughout the film, whining and moaning at every tragedy that happens around her. The movie manages to defy logic as well as disgust, giving some complete lapses in pure plausibility. The whole theory behind the bugs in the water is like something out of a science fiction movie, and the underwater lair is lame. Also, how does the super-suit know to light matches whenever a cigarette is whipped out by one of the characters? What an embarrassing and contrived film this is. Chan often looks as tired as the script, and as bored as the viewing audience. We feel his pain.