40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

Matt is a guy who just broke up with his life-long girlfriend Nicole. After two years of a bad break-up he’s finding it difficult to get over her, and after one meaningless sexual encounter after another with women, he feels empty inside. One day he decides to make a vow, no sex or sexual encounters for forty days. But he’s finding it difficult when all the people at his job begin to bet he’ll either break it or pull through tempting him with hot chicks, plus he’s met a beautiful girl (Shannyn Sassimon) that he’s falling in love with. Something’s got to give.

I was neither here nor there with this movie, because of a lot of the directions it pulls you. Josh Hartnett is interesting as the leading man who is a very likeable guy. He constantly sleeps with many women and always manages to feel empty. Shannyn Sassimon plays the love interest Erica who manages to make Matt re-assess his life and fall in love. She’s probably the best aspect of this movie; regarding the fact that she’s easy on the eyes, she’s also the most interesting coming off as very charming and likeable. The romance between the two is very interesting and charming making this movie more watchable. Throughout the entire movie many people are betting whether or not he’ll break his vow and begin publicizing it on the net making large bets. What made this movie humorous was when Matt seeks advice from his priest brother constantly in the story. The dialogue between the two is witty and fun.

Josh Hartnett thought likeable is not a very interesting character. He hardly seems to have any type of length as a true character, and many of his attempts at physical comedy like falling over or getting hit on the head just seem off or tried. The movie’s many many supporting characters are also very one-dimensional featuring the sex crazy buddy of Matt’s who constantly goes through many meaningless monologues talking about how he’d lose the vow and such. What’s amazing is, that as soon as he decides to take the vow of celibacy, gorgeous girl after gorgeous girl begin to hit on him. And what’s even more amazing is, he works at a dotcom company and his job is practically crawling with beautiful girls that resemble super-models. Many of the jokes may fall flat , but the plot, cast, and great performance by Shannyn Sassimon make this a decent watch to kill time.