Campus Ladies

To get in the mind set of “Campus Ladies”, you’ll have to imagine a really bad sketch from “Saturday Night Live” and then imagine that instead of it being a five minute sketch, it’s extended in to a half hour show, and that half hour will now be a series. Now granted, I was never a fan of “Oxygen” and its programming, I approached “Campus Ladies” with a very open-mind, and then after I was finished with it, I wanted to jam my fingers in to my eyes until I reached my brain and then spin. “Campus Ladies” is possibly one of the most unfunny, and utterly irritating comedies I’ve ever seen that tries so hard to resemble a BBC comedy, it’s not even funny.

The entire program goes about itself as a BBC imitator with the attempt at unabashed risqué humor, but it never reaches that echelon at all. The extent to which “Campus Ladies” deems itself risqué and edgy is exemplified in a scene where our two main characters are dancing around naked in a co -ed shower complimenting each other’s bodies, to which they’re interrupted by two girls who look on in shock. Is that your idea of comedy? Who green lit this series? Who can I blame for this act of hate? Let’s take a pop quiz here: Two housewives fed up with life in the suburbs decide to: A) move on and find an exciting city to live in; hilarity ensues, B) Decide to go around the world; hilarity ensues, C) Move to a foreign country; hilarity ensues, D) go back to college.

Cheater, you peeked at the title! Yes, for some odd reason they go back to college, to live in dorms and commute with the students. Why? Only god knows, How? It’s never explained to us. How exactly did they get to college? Meanwhile, we’re given cameos from Jane Kaczmarek, and Cheryl Hines, and how did they get to college again? “Campus Ladies” consists of two of the most obnoxious main characters in existence whom never ever reveal anything resembling a redeeming quality to them, nor are they ever funny.

The rest of the slack is picked up by an obnoxious roommate, unfunny plot devices, and hilarious–ly bad unfunny racial stereotypes. One student from Iran says after the girls ask for help, “Sorry, in my country, you’d carry our bags.” Yeah… hmmm. I’m still waiting to laugh at that one. And how did they get back in to college again? “Campus Ladies” would love to be regarded in terms of “Absolutely Fabulous” but it really is just a horrid imitation with an annoyance factor of ten. “Campus Ladies” is an unfunny, and clear example of why I’ll never see “Oxygen”.

Premieres on the Oxygen Network January 8th at 10pm