Tura Satana

I’m assuming for Tura Satana fans at the time, this comic book based around Satana would have been a fun little treat from her. Satana’s self titled comic book doesn’t really re-invent the wheel, but I really do enjoy the notion of Satana basically roaming around the country saving people and helping lost souls. Except this isn’t so much Satana as it is Varla from “Faster Pussycat!” who seemingly awakens after death and has to help lost souls to redeem her own (?) in the process.

I think it would have been much cooler if the writer admitted this was just Varla and continued that story from the Russ Meyer movie. But that said, the plot is inexplicable and hard to follow, but it’s a fun little treat for Satana fans, I guess. It’s not autobiographical, but more a fantasy version of Satana. Seemingly waking up in the desert for no reason, Satana is discovered by a small clan of desert dwellers that help nurse her back to health. Satana is awoken dressed like Varla from “Faster Pusscat!” with the V neck tight black outfit, and all. She soon learns how to live among her saviors for a while, and becomes their redemption when they learn they’re being controlled by a local land millionaire, or something to that effect.

When Satana finds this out, she decides to start karate kicking her way through the bad guys. The comic is pretty good, save for the fact that nothing is ever really explained. Why did Satana wake up in the middle of the desert, again? Who is she running from? What makes the comic even more difficult to enjoy is artist and writer Mike Hoffman’s really sub-par art. Satana is literally the most fleshed out and colored character in the book, while everyone else garner vague shapes as bodies, and zero expressions in their face. Is this intentional? The comic is really only one issue and there never seemed to have been a second issue. I would have loved a lot more explanation about Satana’s character, and what it’s all supposed to mean, but in the end, it’s a love letter to the incredible power of the late great Satana.