X-Rated Alley: 42nd Street Forever The Peepshow Collection Vol. 15 & 16

xratedalley-logoFor folks that have been following “The Peep Show Collection” for the last few years, Impulse Pictures is back with two new volumes of loops on DVD. Porn and erotica aficionados will enjoy what Impulse has to offer followers of the vintage material, as it’s all still rough and poorly directed, but has a charm to it that’s hard to ignore. Impulse isn’t just about adult film, they also offer up hard to find material and these two volumes continue he tradition of “42nd Street Forever.”

Both DVD’s clock in at over a hundred minutes in length with large chapters split in to Boy/Girl, Three or More, and Girl on Girl. Some of the stand outs for Volume 15 is “Marsha’s Huge Tits,” “Rising Reader” in which Ron Jeremy is pounced on by two gorgeous women, and the very good “Dancing Fingers.” The Liner Notes included is an essay by vintage porn star Serena, who explains what it was like to work in porn during the seventies.

peepshow1516For Volume 16, some of the stand outs include “Nympho Nookie” in which Ron Jeremy takes on two beautiful blonde women, “Freaky Lesbian Twins” in which two gorgeous lesbian sisters seduce an African American woman, and “Hot Lady” in where a slender brunette performs for the camera, even when she’s engaging in rough sex. The Liner Notes for Volume 16 features an essay by porn archaeologist Dimitrios Otis, who discusses the history of porn at the Movie Land Arcade at Granville Street as well as its long legacy of quarter booths for reels.