Five Bogeymen Who Might Be Related to Freddy Krueger

If you’ve ever seen the series “Freddy’s Nightmares” (Trust me, don’t, it’s awful), then it’s verified in various episodes that Freddy Krueger isn’t the only dream demon out there. In fact he’s one of many, and there are other types of demons that can haunt our dreams and our subconscious. In either case, I was thinking about the slew of horror movie monsters out there introduced since Krueger hit the movies in the eighties and wondered what other boogey men could perhaps be a part of Freddy’s world, or from his lineage. Here are five monsters that I think could be related to Freddy Krueger.

Tommy Ray Glatman – Dreamscape
“Dreamscape” ironically came out almost around the same time as “Nightmare on Elm Street” and featured a more dark fantasy take on the idea of dreams and dreamscapes. Ironically in the film there are two dream travelers with abilities to travel through the subconscious and the evil of the pair is named Tommy Ray. Not only does he get off on sadistically tormenting his victims in their dreams, but one of this main weapons are long claw like nails that he slashes his victims with. I think when Tommy finally died, he found a comfy home in the dream world.

Horace Pinkerman – Shocker
Wes Craven’s “Shocker” is almost a technological remake of “Nightmare” with almost the exact same plot structure. Horace Pinkerman is a psycho who makes a deal with the devil. After being electrocuted his soul leaves his body allowing him to travel through electronics and even people. As someone who has done the same thing before, who’s to say Freddy didn’t like the cut of his jib?

The Pseudo-Freddy – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
The pseudo Freddy is a supernatural entity released after the end of the movie series and managed to alter Nancy’s reality to force her to play the game it wanted. Not only does the pseudo-Freddy build his own underworld but he’s strikingly identical to Freddy, only so much more ruthless and deadlier than we last saw him. He’s right in the area of the first “Nightmare” movie, so who’s to say he wouldn’t take to haunting nightmares?

Slenderman – Creepypasta
Slenderman loves children, he loves to kidnap them, he has his own realm that he dominates, he has a house he lurks in, he’s formless, and he can invade the subconscious of those that have been visited by him. Though a lot of his powers and abilities are ambiguous, Slenderman seems like something out of Krueger’s realm, something not as perverse, but very evil.

Bughuul – Sinister
Bughuul is a boogey man that loves children, visits people through the specters of the children that it’s possessed, and even can visit people in their dreams here and there. Bughuul feels like a monster very much in the realm of Freddy Krueger who’d be right at home in nightmares.