Kill Order (aka Meza) (2017) [Blood In The Snow 2017]

A teenager with strange abilities discovers why he has these and has to decide what he wants to make with them and himself.

Written and directed by James Mark, the film is a nice long string of fight sequences with other scenes and sequences in-between to build the story that unfortunately come off as forgettable, especially next to those fight scenes. The fighting in Kill Order is where it’s at. It’s rousing, exciting, and fun to watch. Which makes the in-between stuff this much sadder being that they are some much fun and the rest of the film feels a bit forgettable. The story is interesting but it’s not developed in a way that keeps the attention. The only reason this reviewer kept watching was all the awesome fighting. Fans of stuff like Ong Bak and B13 will love the action, but will probably check out during the rest of the film. Also not helping this are scenes that have subtitles that are white on white, thus extremely hard to read.

Lead Chris Mark is a fantastic fighter who’s a lot of fun to watch, he will surely be a discovery for some after watching this and he is definitely the main attraction here. His acting is decent, but as can be guessed, his fighting is fantastic (or perhaps that of his stuntperson?). His screen presence is interesting. Another good performance here is that of Denis Akiyama who gives a low-key ruthlessness to his character and makes him an almost silent menace over the young people who have been experimented on and over the viewer in a way. The rest of the cast is decent, but most of those in non-fight scenes will get forgotten quickly.

The stunt coordination by James Mark leads to stunning fight sequences and makes the film worth a watch or two all of their own. These fights challenge those seen in much bigger, much more expensive films, showing that talent is more important than money and scope and that talent counts for much more when used appropriately. These fights are the central point of the film and the rest of the film looks like it was built around them they are so strong. Watching those fights will make the viewer want to see more of them and soon.

Kill Order is on its whole a decent more with fantastic fight scenes and somewhat forgettable other scenes. The fight choreography and performance are what make this movie a must-see. It’s not one for which the story will make people ask for more, but the film is still a fun watch and one that may require more than one subsequent viewings.

Blood In The Snow runs November 23rd to November 26th, 2017.