13 MORE Random Things About Friday the 13th

Two years ago I spouted thirteen facts about me and my connection to “Friday the 13th” and I repeat that same fun list with thirteen more random, weird, meaningless facts that continue to link my life to “Friday the 13th.” Since I’m not all superstitious this is more about my love for the movies and or TV show.

Where ever the red dot goes: Ya bang!

13. I always thought that the TV trailer for “Jason Lives” on WPIX was so creepy when I was a kid, that I avoided the movie for years
12. The scene in “Jason Lives” when he impales Nancy McLoughlin always makes me flinch; I have no idea why.
11. I love watching the “Friday the 13th” video game play on Youtube. It’s like watching a whole new movie
10. I once worked on a Friday the 13th fan comic for a Friday the 13th fan site; it didn’t quite pan out since they called it off at the last minute
9. I still think a “Friday the 13th” set in a snowy tundra could be amazing.

8. My least favorite Jason Form is from “Jason Goes to Hell.” He looks like a giant hemorrhoid with a shrunken mask
7, The lamest Jason Kill is from “A New Blood” involving a face and party horn
6, I dare say while often compared to “Friday the 13th,” the ending to “Sleepaway Camp” is miles more shocking than the aforementioned slasher.
5, One of my earliest memories with Jason involves the opening shot of “Transylvania Twist” involving the spoof of his character.

4. Often maligned, I consider “A New Beginning” to be very underrated; it’s less a slasher and more an examination of the ever lasting stain Jason left on folks at Crystal Lake
3. I first saw the “Jason Takes Manhattan” teaser trailer during a screening of “Weekend at Bernie’s.” No seriously.
2. Allegedly Jason says “Kill Kill Kill Mom Mom Mom,” which sounds like “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma.” I’ve always said “Chi Chi Chi Ha Ha Ha,” for some reason. And now you know.

1. When I was a kid we visited the spot from “Jason Takes Manhattan” where Jason confronts the boom box punks; my cousin tried to run across the pillars like they did and failed—thankfully without an injury