Thankskilling: The Guest (2021)

Strangers receive bloody boxes inviting them to a mysterious event. Once there, they meet Malvolia who has plans for them.

Written and directed (and starring and produce by) Jennifer Nangle, this Thanksgiving special is on made for horror fans who love their horror bloody, quirky, and with a particular sense of humor. Working on the assumption that the viewer is familiar with Malvolia (and they should be), this episode of her adventures sees her wanting to put on a very special Thanksgiving dinner for a very special guest. Here, Nangle plays to her strength in what she writes and how she directs it, bringing her long established character to a Holiday that is perfect for a bloody take. Her work here is something that horror fans should love and want more of.

Here, Nangle is joined on screen by her Malvolia adventure regular Charles Chudabala as Charles, Malvolia’s trusted helper who is just a bit extra, something that works with the tone of the series and how his character is depected. Playing the titular guest is Robert Mukes who is an imposing presence no matter where he is. Here, his presence is needed to establish a part of the tone and to establish a sense of potential menace towards Malvolia. He does this well and shows a different side of his acting capacities here. Playing the strangers at the center of things are Traci Burr, Jeremy Gladen, Matt Sempere, Jo Gonsalves, and Linnea Swanson (with Nick Caisse round out the cast). These strangers come off a bit annoying at times, but there is a point to it and it eventually makes sense. The cast here clearly knew the mood of the film they were working on and all gave the right energy and feeling to their parts.

Shot by Paul Stephen Edwards, edited by Nangle, and with special effects by Christopher Hicks and Nikki Vizcaino, this film is one of the many that was financed through an online campaign and you can see every single dollar gathered in that campaign on the screen. It’s clearly low budget, but with plenty talent involved. This talent takes the low budget and elevates it majorly, making this look and feel like a quick tv special that could have aired on one of the many channels that plays horror for Holidays.

Thankskilling: The Guest is a fun addition to the Malvolia universe and shows what a great team can put together on a low budget with a side of talent and passion. This is one more episode of the Malvolia saga and it will make viewers want to see more.

Thankskilling: The Guest and all other Malvolia episodes are available on her YouTube Channel.