Blowback (2022) 

Following a major score in a heist, Nick sees his crew turn on him and leave him for dead. As the stakes are high for him and his daughter, Nick races to find the culprits and get his score back. 

Written by Matthew Eason, Robert Giardina, and Robert Edward Thomas, and directed by Tibor Takács, Blowback his both a heist film and a revenge film, with a heartstring-tugging story at the center. It’s a film that wants to be many things and thankfully turns out entertaining. The story is a bit expected in many aspects with a few things added in there to spice things up. The film here takes all of those items, mixes them up, shakes them up a bit, and gives the viewer a story with some twists and turns, a few they may not see coming, but mainly, it gives the viewers a decent heist film they can easily watch without having to be 100% seriously involved. This leads to a bit of an action-thriller-esque situation that is more than palatable, but is also not exactly the most original.  

The cast here is composed of some familiar faces and a few new ones, mainly folks most are used to seeing in films of this type. The cast is led by Cam Gigandet who does more than decently in his part, being given a bit more meat to his part definitely does him well here. The film allows him to stretch a bit beyond the heist/revenge aspect. Top-billed above Gigandet is Randy Couture, who gets name recognition top billing and a slightly smaller part as the “villain” here and he gives the kind of performances viewers have become accustomed to from him. He does pissed-off bad guy well. Michele Plaia is one to look for here, she steals a few scenes here and there, adding to the mostly male cast and doing so by bringing a complete character to the screen when she could have been use as eye candy only. She does the most of her part and really makes the part hers. 

Blowback is a decently entertaining action-thriller in the heist and revenge categories. It has some good ideas, some new ideas, and a bit of run-of-the-mill ideas. It’s entertaining, so the small issues with the seen-before aspect of the film are not really a problem in the long run. This may not be the top heist film ever made, but Cam Gigandet does decent here, Michele Plaia steals more scenes than money, and the film moves at a very decent pace.