Swimfan (2002)

“Fatal Attraction”, as much as I dislike it, was very influential, and as all influential films do, has spawned up to, and over a hundred rip offs and wannabes including this pseudo modern take on the genre. As always, there’s nothing even remotely original to the material given in this, except for the comical ending which pretty much makes no sense. The characters in this film are all the same: there’s the main character, an average popular guy who has a lot to live for and foolishly squanders his life for a one night stand which means nothing to him, and a lot to the receiving partner, whom they know nothing about.

This character Ben, though, is still incredibly gullible and becomes instantly taken with the character Madison even when she baits him in with obvious devices like playing damsel in distress, and leaving a precious object behind for him to chase after her with. He knows nothing about her, and neither do we, because the writers so poorly develop Madison that it becomes hard for the audience to feel intimidated by her when she becomes psycho. Madison, played by Erika Christensen, is developed with broadly sketched ideas throughout the film that it becomes hard to distinguish the essence of who she is.

She’s probably rich, but we can never guess if she is, she may or may not have parents, but we never see them ever, she’s probably a cellist, her brother is considered a nut, but we never know why, and for some unknown reason, he’s barely ever let out of the house while she runs free. The film continues forever with plot holes and lapses in logic in the story which inevitably becomes tiresome. This film plays like it’s copying from a textbook on how to make a thriller, right down to the ending in water, just like its predecessor “Fatal Attraction.”

Every plot twist, and device is seen coming from a mile away, and every character is paper thin, including the supporting characters which are there simply to pose as obstacles or to stay blended in the scenery. The directing is also very shoddy with glitches in editing that attempt to seem stylish but end up looking more like a skipping record whenever the characters experience a vomit inducing emotional moment that becomes very laughable while watching. This is a decent excuse to get lost in Christensen’s beauty, but inevitably ends as a far-fetched junky retread filled with plot holes.