Sorority Boys (2002)

1Three womanizing guys from K. O. K. are kicked out of the the fraternity after being accused of embezzling money from the house. They have proof that it wasn’t them by a surveillance tape, so they devise a plan. No, they don’t send a couple of girls in to get the tape for them, that would require brains, yet they dress up as women themselves to retrieve it, but soon learn it isn’t as easy as it looks. Homeless, they decide to pledge the sorority of D. O. G in desperate need of a place to stay, but learn a lesson in morals and discover what it feels like to be a woman.

Michael Rosenbaum is probably the best out of the three characters stealing each scene with accurate precision. He’s hilarious in this movie with excellent wit and dead on comedic timing. He’s a very under-rated gifted actor who flexes his comedic muscles in this. Harland Williams plays Doofer, the oldest frat boy in the house who often bumbles his way throughout the movie and bonds with many of the women. I thought this played on a lot of old plot devices from previous movies but still manages to handle them well.

Throughout their stint as women, they often argue about clothes, tend to discuss about their weight, and at one point, Rosenbaum’s character gets excited about finding a dress which forced a laugh from me, making it all the more hilarious. Eventually, each of the guys tend to get a taste of their own medicine learning “You get what you give.” It’s ridiculous to think that anyone in their right minds would see these three guys and not know they were men. They’re so ugly and unbelievable as women that the logic behind the entire movie is mind-numbing. The movie tends to sometimes rely too much on toilet humor and sex jokes to force a laugh, but sometimes just made me cringe.

At one point, Barry Watson decides to take a shower while all the girls are asleep, then one of the girls sees him, but has blurry vision because she doesn’t have contacts. Anyways, when she gets in the shower with him, we see, in a soapy outline, an erection which wasn’t really necessary to begin with. It made me cringe in my seat from disgust. The jokes tend to be humorous all on their own, but the movie shoves every joke in our face leaving nothing to the imagination. This also tends to show some ridiculous scenes that might have looked good on paper but don’t translate well on-screen. At one point, Watson and Rosenbaum have a fight with large vibrators which might have seemed funny, but was just overdone.