Reign of Fire (2002)


Director Rob Bowman gives us a very sleek and highly visual world of dragons and war. We get to see the cool looking dragons as they take over the world. Possibly, the best part of the movie, if any, is when the remaining survivors take on the King Dragon. A tried effort. I was looking forward to this when I first saw the trailer in the theatres; unfortunately, I was very disappointed. The movie gives us a promise we’ll enjoy this with a unique apocalyptic world, but it’s a big let down.

First off, we get the idea this is a movie about Dragons, but we barely ever see the winged titans, and when we do they’re poorly created and are about as three-dimensional as a piece of paper. We never get to see the dragons in their element, so we never feel truly threatened by them. In “Jurassic Park,” the dinosaurs had some depth which made them threatening. They are but a small backdrop in here giving the characters a purpose. The plot is paper thin with just a small motive: Kill all the dragons. I can imagine when the screenwriters turned in the plot synopsis for this.

The movie poses as a colossal waste of true acting talent as the actors stumble around from the terrible dialogue and almost nonsensical ramblings. Christian Bale seems tired and unmotivated, while Matthew McConaughey basically serves no true purpose other than to growl and walk around looking like a Vin Diesel wannabe. The other characters have no depth to them and are really there just to be killed by the dragons. The movie is loud, clunky and dull. The visuals are sub-par, pedestrian and far from impressive and the scenery is dull grimy and wasted. All in all, it garners so much potential for a large exciting universe, but is just a waste of acting talent, special effects and money, and a fiasco of monumental proportions.