"House of a Thousand Corpses" Soundtrack (CD)

Artist: Includes tracks from various artists including: The big man: Rob Zombie, The Ramones, Buck Owens, and great spooky sound bites from the movie.

Tracks: 1. Howdy Folks  2. House of 1,000 corpses- Rob Zombie  3. Saddle up the Mule  4. Everybody Scream- Rob Zombie  5. Stuck in the mud  6. Holey Miss Moley  7. Who’s gonna mow your grass? – Buck Owens  8. Run, Rabbit, Run- Rob Zombie  9. Into the Pit  10. Something for your men  11. I wanna be loved by you- Helen Kane  12. Pussy Liquor- Rob Zombie  13. Scarecrow Attack  14. My Baby Boy  15. Now I wanna sniff some glue- Ramones  16. Investigation and the smoke house  17. The Bigger the Cushion  18. I Remember You- Slim Whitman  19. Drive out the rabbit  20. Mary’s Escape  21. Little Piggy- Rob Zombie  22. Ain’t the only thing tasty  23. Dr. Satan  24. Brick House 2003- Rob Zombie featuring Lionel Richie and Trina  25. To the house

Special Features: Features a small booklet featuring a mock newspaper article and profiles on all the creeps in the “House of 1,000 corpses”.

This was sent to me for review, so when I discovered it had Rob Zombie tunes, I had to listen. I’m a huge fan of Rob Zombie’s work including his music from his band “White Zombie” along with his great solo career. I went into this like a kid in a candy store, perusing the great booklet in the front showing some of the cool freaks and decided to listen to the entire soundtrack front and back. Now, granted, a lot of the songs are great, but this soundtrack is sub-par considering that Rob Zombie could have done a whole lot more with this. All of the songs from Rob Zombie are great including track two, which is, the whole theme song to the movie. This is a great song and possibly the best out of them all.

This also has an unusual song: the remake of the classic “Brick house” called  “Brick house 2003” which features an odd combination of Rob Zombie, soul star Lionel Ritchie, and hip hop star Trina. I figured Zombie would go whole hog with this soundtrack as he did with the movie, giving a double disc full of hardcore heavy tracks for the run-of-the-mill fan, but he doesn’t provide much. Only ten tracks out of the entire twenty-five are songs and only six of the tracks feature Rob Zombie songs. I like “The Ramones” and I understand that a few of the songs are taken from the movie, but I would have loved to hear more of Zombie. This has some juicy sound bites from the movie’s most tense moments, but I can get those from the internet, let’s hear some tunes! I’m a loyal fan of Zombie’s but this is not as good as I expected it to be. Rob Zombie doesn’t put as much heart into this as he did with the movie; pretty much, it’s disappointing but still fun to listen to. Hopefully he’ll release a special edition CD with more original music.