The Good Girl (2002)


I was rather intrigued by watching this movie, because it received a ton of critical acclaim and rave. Jennifer Aniston is the title character in this independent movie and this is possibly her best film out of her entire career. Jennifer manages to stray from her corky persona that made her career into a more complex and interesting individual. Throughout the entire movie, we feel her misery as her go-nowhere life is deteriorating her spirit so rapidly it’s painful. Jennifer is excellent in this movie expressing great sympathy from her audience and giving off much depth. I loved this character out of the entire movie and even in scenes that make her unlikable, you can’t help but feel for her.

She is stuck in a world that she can never escape; a world where every person is just as miserable as the next, and every situation is so petty and trivial. Jake Gyllenhaal compliments her role and this movie very well with yet another of his oddball characters. He has a knack for starring in these movies and making them better than they were probably supposed to be. He is Tiney’s erratic love interest who is his own worst enemy; he is obsessed with the book “Catcher in the Rye” and names himself after the main character in the book. John C. Riley is excellent as the stoner Phil who is completely oblivious not only to Tiney’s misery, but to her affair with the young Holden.

There’s movies like “Amelie” and “Chocolat” that make life seem like such an adventure, and then there’s movies like these that make life seem so futile and meaningless that it’s incredible. It’s sad to say, the movie doesn’t live up to all its expectations. The movie’s plot drags on so much, that it ruins the movie. Each of the supporting characters are so dull and cliched that it’s hard to take at times. The directing is pretty pedestrian with average shots and no real stunning photography. Jennifer Aniston is excellent in what is the best performance of her career, yet.