Cheerleader Nation

Now, I for one don’t watch reality shows, mainly because: a. I’ve seen a lot of them at the beginning, and b. 99 percent of them really suck. I mean, really suck (that one percent is just a margin of error), and I very rarely ever sit down to watch a reality show. But as far as “Cheerleader Nation” goes, it’s not a bad show. Would I watch the entire season? Hell no, but from the episode I was given a chance to see, it’s tolerable enough to sit through. And, if for no other reason, watch it because it has cheerleaders. It’s awfully staged, pretty cheesy, there are your assorted mixed bag of characters including your stage moms, and your drama, but it’s also pretty fun, I’m ashamed to admit.

No, it’s not a competition with sassy judges whom are putting together a cheerleading team ala “American Idol”, it’s a “true” account of a Lexington Kentucky’s Dunbar High School cheerleading squad and the inside life of the girls in the team, which are as artificial as you’d expect, but still very interesting. The girls seem plain enough to be real suburban denizens when compared to “Laguna Beach” and they’re often very likable and interesting, but the real drama comes at the end of the episode when there are tryouts for the new team which will lay out the framework for the entire season and so forth.

On the other hand though, the show is as staged as any other reality show on television often showing two of the girls talking in a kitchen standing side to side while the camera focuses on them creating artificial dramatic moments, and I did spot many scenes where footage from a previous moment was re-used, but that could have just been due to the fact it was a screener copy. The show really has nothing new to offer in terms of reality programming, and it’s just more glances in to the lives of middle upper class good looking girls whom never face real problems in the end. “Cheerleader Nation”, though, is a simple and interesting look at cheerleading that’s not on television too often, and it’s fun at times. And the chicks are hot. You can’t forget about that.