My Date with Drew (2004)

dqEzoOXZp9AqwkLoTGvdaLu1p5xThe creator of this odd film that wants to be considered a documentary (fat chance) is an idiot. Hey, I’m sure he’s a great guy, and I’m sure he’s a kind person, and a good friend, but I’ve known good people who are idiots, and director Herzlinger is an idiot. He’s poor, he doesn’t have a job, and he’s just recently won 1,100 dollars from a game show. Instead of turn that in to something of a worthy venture, or investment, he blows it. And he’s a struggling filmmaker. What a convenient turn of events. “My Date with Drew” is a movie that you’d probably see played on television back to back with “The Surreal Life” because every single aspect of it is staged, corny, and pathetic like a typical reality show that you’d see on network television.

But that consideration aside, the fact that a movie like this exists really shows that some people just can not be filmmakers. If you’re poor wait to have children, and if you’re a poor film maker wait to make a movie. Don’t pull one out of your ass as what’s been shown during this display of frightening fandom. I’m in love with Asia Argento, I’d kill to be next to her, but would I waste 1,100 dollars just to meet her once? Hell no. Every fan would like to meet the person they’re in love with, or admire, or emulate, but “My Date with Drew” speaks of stupidity at its finest. It’s reality turned in to fiction pretending to be reality, I mean as Brian makes a call to one of the contacts linked to Drew, “Everlasting Love” comes on the phone, he’s able to find a man who knows how to make trailers, and his friends all seem very complacent and egg him on to this ridiculous venture. Can we really take a man who loves the “Charlie’s Angels” films, gets excited to meet Corey Feldman, and goes to a psychic for advice seriously? Or this all for the purposes of his “Aren’t I funny and crazy?” shtick he shoves down our throat from beginning to end?

Because you also have to wonder if this is a filmmaker using a big star to propel him in to stardom, or if this is a loser seeking a dream date with a big star who could happen to propel him in to stardom to become the filmmaker he wants to be. In passing Brian declares to one of his friends “And when we meet maybe she’ll tell one of her agents [referring to him] ‘Oh he’s a nice guy, give him a job’ “. So, what we’re watching is not a fan seeking his love, but a wannabe seeking fame by playing a fan seeking his love while hoping to grab fame. But what is supposed to be so entertaining about “My Date with Drew”? How did anyone assume he hiring an actress who looks like Drew and having a mock dinner with her was funny? Why should we watch him ask people he just met five minutes ago for love advice?

How delusional can he be to not notice the uneasiness of the people he interviews that the audience can see from the get go? “My Date with Drew” is really just a vehicle for someone looking to become noticed. Much like a reality show contestant, Brian is an attention whore whose five minutes of fame have flickered without a trace. Thank goodness. Herzlinger’s film is pure opportunism and utter stupidity at its worst, and it’s an utter waste of money on a movie that is an obvious attempt by a struggling filmmaker to use a big actress to help him and his career. It’s just not a fan wanting to meet his childhood crush, it’s another struggling Hollywood filmmaker trying to help their own career through a film that pretends its all so real when really it’s as phony, stupid, lame, and pathetic as any reality show on television.