Snakes on a Train (2006)

vlcsnap-00010For their credit, this is one of their more competent pieces of crap, and that’s because there’s considerably good gore, and an interesting take on ripping off “Snakes on a Plane.” But, if there’s any more of example of the inconsistency behind Asylum’s newest rip-off it’s the two characters at the beginning whom are illegal immigrants and can’t understand nor speak English to a Texas man sneaking them across the border, yet when they get on a train and meet a friend, they begin understanding and speaking perfect English.

Aside from being a pretty bad depiction of a Hollywood formula, “Snakes on a Train” is utterly boring. At least, with “Snakes on a Plane” we were given the chance to watch actors wax comedic and attempt to be remotely interesting. The Mallachi Brothers installment features some of the most boring characters I’ve ever seen, from an electrical engineer (gee, I wonder how he comes in handy later on), to some stoner surfers, right down to our two main characters attempting to fight off the snake curse that lurks in the husband’s wife. “Snakes” is never entertaining, and even when it’s very gory, it’s still never as good as it has the chance to be, because “Snakes” could have been a funny short film, and instead just takes itself much too seriously, and never camps it up at any moment.

What further adds Asylum to my shit list is that instead of taking their small budget and making original films that can set a precedent, they instead force their small budget to work against them in these knock offs. While the Mallachi brothers seem to be trying, the train just looks incredibly artificial. It seems almost like a stage play with these inconsistent and awfully bland set pieces that try desperately to look like actual train cars, while every so often it shakes, the background of the windows are blurred, and the sound effects go off every now and then to let us know they’re actually on a train; not to mention that in such a large extended train there only seems to be about ten passengers on it.

And beyond the train fight, and a drawn out sex scene, we’re forced to be subjected to a plot that makes zero sense. And not even the directors can work around the fact that the “lethal” snakes that go on this train look far from venomous or dangerous. The rest of the film staggers onto only about a minute of snake carnage and a bad subplot of an ex drug agent trying to molest a passenger. All of this dull exposition ends with a really ridiculous climax in which a poorly computer generated snake (I saw better animation on the Super Nintendo) completely swallows the train whole, and is then dispensed in a method that should have been exercised from the very beginning. Asylum scores again. Asylum scores yet again with a hackneyed, lazy, horribly directed, and boring rip-off of another better film. “Snakes on a Train” takes itself way too seriously, and that’s why it’s never entertaining or memorable.