3 Steps 2 Abducting Awareness in Love (2007)

I thought it was my computer and I tried to replay “3 Steps 2 Abducting” twice and it was still occurring. Right around the climax, the movie just stops playing and nothing is resolved, nothing develops and we’re left with a feeling of abrupt closure that just doesn’t answer any questions. “3 Steps 2 Abducting” definitely has the right idea, it just doesn’t know what it wants to be.

While often times it can tend to feel like Claveria is aiming for a comedy, he then presses for dark comedy, and then full on thriller mode, and the short sadly feels genre confused. Just the same, I never understood what this young boy was aiming for. Was he intent on capturing the attention of his dreamgirl? Was he attempting to kidnap her? Or was he aiming for a Stockholm Syndrome mission where the kidnapping would lead to inevitable affection?

Just the same, in spite of the interesting duel voices in the young man’s heads, I really could never understand what their purpose was and if there was really a video on instructing a viewer to kidnap someone. All around, it’s a pretty hazy short film with a lot of ideas that have the potential to be brilliant. A young deluded man kidnapping a woman who he’s intent on winning over through Stockholm Syndrome can make a great horror flick. There are a lot of great ideas and interesting concepts with “3 Steps 2 Abducting” it’s just sadly pushed to the back burner with a genre confused, and abrupt short format that doesn’t completely win me over.