The Walking Dead #53

Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you seriously jerking me around Kirkman? The final splash is all one big tease, right? It has to be. These three new characters would say anything to be let in to the farm and I believe it. This series was originally called “Night of the Living Dead” and we only had an inkling of what may have caused the dead uprising in that movie, and one possible explanation. There’s no way Kirkman would explain and hold our hands through why the dead suddenly started rising one day.

As always with Kirkman you can never be sure if he’s about to pull the wool over your eyes, but the odds are he has something planned with the introduction of three new characters that threaten to shake up the group and probably for the better. Enjoying this issue a lot more than the last one where we finally get to see who survived the RV raid in the prison and who didn’t and Kirkman works at tugging at our heartstrings by bringing us our favorite characters again, but with considerable distances.

I’m still hurting from Tyreese’s death. Herschel is gone; a religious fanatic with good intentions. And Sophia is two strings short of a full rope, and even Rick is at a point in his sanity where he’s clearly not fit to lead anymore. What we get here is another arc; the start or a new arc that focuses on the claiming of Herschel’s farm that can now become another sanctuary for the few remaining survivors of the core cast of “The Walking Dead” and this gives us a chance for Rick to think back to his regrets, exchange some apologies and sulk on what could have been.

Not to mention Carl is now relegated to a child yet again which may cause some resentment in the long run even now that he may have to take care of Sophia whose mind has retreated in to a state of protective denial. What this new direction will mean for our core cast in the long run is thrilling to watch, especially now that three new characters have intruded in to their peace and may just be able to offer the stability and rationality most of the group sorely lacks. Issue 53 is a big step up from the previous installment and I look forward to seeing where it’s all going. And what do you know? The cover to this one looks to be a giant color panel leading in to 53, after all instead of a giant tease that Kirkman has made a habit of torturing us with. Genius.