You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (1972) (DVD)

Rife with political satire and social commentary, “You’re Not Elected” is one of the more entertaining animated adventures by the Peanuts Gang. In it Charles Schulz and co. tackle the political industry by pinning the classmates of Charlie’s school against each other in a brutal match for class president.

“You’re Not Elected” features some classic bits from the Peanuts history that left me laughing rather loudly. From Sally introducing Charlie to her class during a Show and Tell speech, to a disastrous Q&A phone session involving Linus, “You’re Not Elected” is one of the better specials to come along in the legacy.

There isn’t much to “You’re Not Elected” except for wacky for misadventures, all of which are meant to lampoon the electoral process and for the most part it works both as a comedy and a slick tongue in cheek wink to the audience about the often absurd notion of political elections and how chaotic they can be. Even for elementary schoolers. A slick and humorous satirizing of the political process in America, “You’re Not Elected Charlie Brown” is a special that many audiences won’t understand save for the audiences old enough to vote.