Official Psycho Parody (2011)

Porn parodies are everywhere. Right now with the industry looking for customers porn parodies are what’s in and surely enough they’re big money makers and headline grabbers. It’s just shocking that somewhere down the road someone thought “Psycho” would make a good porn parody. I mean who would have thought a movie about a cross dressing psychopath with an obsessive Oedipus complex and possible incestuous relationship with his mother who mutilated hapless female travelers would make for something of an entertaining and arousing porn flick. Factoring in the thought that “Psycho” was already a fairly sexual film with thick overtones and a sexually repressed man who could only react to an attraction to a woman with aggressive homicidal behavior, and you’re already headed for a dead end. “The Official Psycho Parody” is up for the challenge though as a movie that seems to try very hard to mimic the style and atmosphere of Hitchcock’s masterpiece, while also presenting it’s obvious purpose for being a hardcore porno first and foremost.

True, in many instances, Gary Orona seems to just stage sex scenes almost as if the crew found extra low grade props that could work for a period film, and Orona just thought he’d take it all the way and go for more hardcore sex while trying his best to painstakingly copy Hitchcock’s film. He even goes so far as to open his porn parody on a bleak cityscape that zeroes in on our blond protagonist one morning. Orona obviously must have loved the original movie so much, because I can’t possibly fathom why anyone would want a porn parody of “Psycho.” I can see “The Office,” I can see “Alice in Wonderland,” hell, I can even see “Jersey Shore,” but “Psycho”? Is a “Maniac” porn parody far off? Don’t answer that. Porn star Sara Sloane is excruciatingly sexy as ill-fated protagonist Marion Crane, a woman who looks damn good in fifties lingerie and sports an obvious blond wig that she wears well, even if it’s obvious it’s just a finely combed wig. Once she begins shaking her tail and flashing Norman Bates the rape eyes, it’s tough to pick apart her style when you’re wondering when she’ll pick apart her underwear.

While the formula for this parody is unusual and often surreal, Sloane keeps this from falling in to the usual hardcore porn tedium we see with other parodies and Orona is able to shift from the period grit and stale coloring obviously opting for an almost black and white feel. No one is going to see a black and white hardcore porn. Sloane is curvy, busty, and can pull off some genuinely corny bits of dialogue for this parody, and she keeps the focus all on her even during moments when she’s fully clothed. Of course the premise is still the same, even if it has detours. We meet the bank manager and his assistant who make a point of explaining Marion has control over the major accounts. Then they engage in a threesome with Marion’s co-worker Katie Jordin. The sixties were cool. After leaving town with the bosses money, she ends up at the Bates Motel and meets Norman as played by Ryan McLane. McLane is funny as the satirical version of Norman who makes a comment about Marion’s finely plucked eyebrows, and hands her a key with fingernails painted red. Of course the meeting of Marion and Norman is turned in to a comedy skit where Marion is oddly turned on by Norman’s excessive need to stuff animals, while Norman is interested in her clothing.

Of course Norman can’t resist her busty allure and stuffs her right and proper. After being mutilated in her shower, a local detective goes on the hunt for her (not before showing his segment where he bones the gorgeous and busty Kagney Linn Karter) on hire from Marion’s distraught sister and boyfriend.  They of course find time to jump in to the sack and engage in some raunchy anal and reverse cowgirl. The problem with this parody is, like the others, it fizzles out and doesn’t seem to know how to end. Rather than really dive in to the climax of the original it merely opts for a comic ambiguous ending that will lead in to the sequels thus leaving the whole satirical edge and premise feeling incomplete and half assed.

It seems like Orona had a deadline to meet and just ended the flick without closing up any sub-plots. But then this is a porno so about two percent of the consumers will worry about storyline after all, leaving Orona to set up parts two and three, granted this title is successful. In spite of deflating in the final half with an ending that just looks incompletely and rushed, the “Official Psycho Parody” pulls in a double duty as a fantastic hardcore porn with some genuinely gorgeous and sexy women engaging in great sex scenes, and as a respectable satire of a Hitchcock masterpiece that’s clever and sometimes funny. It’s definitely one of the more top notch porn parodies available.