Driller: A Sexual Thriller (1984)

Oh boy I knew I was in for something special when I received “Driller” in the mail with the address barely completed and the return address basically missing. The very fact X Rated Alley received this beauty of a horror porno called Driller is one thing, but to deliver it in mysterious packaging is the icing on the cake. I had an idea of what I getting in to upon looking at the deluxe packaging for Mr. Creepo’s “Driller” from 1984, a veritable porno spoof (and carefully constructed one at that so as to prevent legal issues) of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller. For those unaware (and how could you not be?), Thriller was a cultural sensation of the eighties and continues to be the go to for the template for epic music videos to this day. The plot basically boils down to a thirty minute movie that doubles as an amazing music video with a catchy song. A young couple in a movie theater walk home one night and find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and must fight their way out. Cue one of the most amazing musical numbers of all time, a shockingly incredible dance number involving drooling groaning zombies, and compelling narration from Vincent Price.

The video itself was controversial as Jackson’s own religion dismissed anything from the occult and Jackson had to go on record as to explain he was in no way endorsing the occult. Little did he know he only helped what was a juggernaut of music video history. “Driller” is a 1984 deluxe edition from Devil’s Den that is eighty minutes of zombie menage a trois, demonic facials, and werewolves basically raping women in their sleep. If that’s not enough we’re given musical numbers that are about as close to the original music video as can be without copyright infringement and stars porn star Tajia Rae as she shares the screen with effeminate Michael Jackson porn double simply given the moniker of “Mr. J.” Fans of Michael Jackson and the music video Thriller will be elated to see this posthumous release in such a pristine edition. Though it’s full screen, it’s presented in 1:33.1 ratio and garners an unusually elaborate premise. Rather than a couple watching a movie (that stuff’s for kids), there is Nancy and Tommy do gooder watching the seductive Mr. J perform for a small stock room of extras on a porn set.

Disgusted at his display (why pay to see him perform then?), they go home and have one of the most awkward sex scenes ever put to film until the young woman heads to bed and falls asleep dreaming of Mr. J and his minions of the dark. All of whom entice, seduce, and rape her with their visions of orgies, hunched back zombies, and scantily clad succubi who perform for the young women, eventually winning over her lust with jet black semen. “Driller” is essentially twenty minutes of vague plot followed by endless scenes of orgies and threesomes in the horror arena with even a cameo by Richard Nixon for some reason. Among the DVD extras there’s an interview with producer Timothy Green Beckley, and phone interviews with co-stars Esmerelda and Mr. Creepo, both of whom fondly recall their shoot on “Driller,” so to speak. There’s also the official trailer for the film and a still gallery. All in all it’s a pleasing and funny eighties relic that has yet to be seen by many and should, in light of Thriller’s continued popularity. One of the precursors to the horror porn fad and the porn satire craze, “Driller” is one of the goofiest and most surreal porn spoof’s I’ve ever seen with an odd throwback to Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller now present in a deluxe edition for all exhibitioners to see and believe.