Ten Movie Characters We Want to Marry

Every movie geek, be they a man or woman, gay or lesbian, child or adult, have their own list or choices of movie characters they’ve laid eyes upon that they would love to marry, or have a relationship with. Often times these characters are simply fictional, but it’s possible there are people like them out there, somewhere. If we look hard enough. In either case, like every movie geek we have our list of ten movie characters we’d love to marry, and in the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we explore ten characters from the movies we’d propose to, and love every second with.

Do you have ten movie character you’d marry in a heartbeat? Let us know!

10. Penny Lane – Almost Famous
Penny Lane is a girl that has been apparently hurt a lot in her life. She’s a young girl that’s been trampled emotionally so badly, that she refuses to let anyone know what her real name is. Even when she’s closest to Russell Hammond, her major lover, she’s still Penny Lane. Penny Lane isn’t her real name. Perhaps, she’s someone else entirely. But one day a long time ago, she ran away from home, destroyed all essence of her past life, and renamed herself Penny Lane.

A legendary band aid, Penny spends most of the movie putting on shows for people and rarely showing her true self. She’s a consistently evasive and somewhat enigmatic young girl who has a lot to offer, but doesn’t know how to go about it. Penny is that dreamy rock girl that changes the lives of everyone she meets, and we’d love to see how she’d change ours. Simply watching “Almost Famous” left us enamored with the rock goddess whose passion for music is unparalleled. Surely, she’s a girl looking for a purpose in the world, and she’s definitely a sheer beauty worth guiding along on the right path.


9. Knives Chau – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Okay, so Knives Chau is basically eighteen, but she insists that her parents have a ten year age gap, so it’s not that weird to view her as a potential spouse. Out of all of the people in Scott Pilgrim’s life, she’s the most honest and genuine and holds no delusions about her style or appeal. She knows she’s a blustery and outgoing young girl with a lot of affection to give, and she’s just much too good for the insufferable Scott, who spends most of his time trying to control her, and then dumps her for Ramona Flowers.

Many fans agree that while Ramona is smoking hot, Knives is the more ideal mate, and we agree. Knives would be a perfect wife. Loving, loval, trusting, fiercely protective, and a bonafide fan of anything her hubby had in the offing, be it music, movies, or writing. Sure, she’s geeky, and unusual, but that’s just a part of her charm. As she shows in the final scenes of the film, she’s a real person worth having, and she’s much too good for Scott Pilgrim. Plus, who wouldn’t love an attack hug from Knives every day of their life?


8. Mallory Kane – Haywire
Mallory Kane’s husband would have a hard time dealing with the fact that she’s basically on the road taking part in dangerous top secret missions, but it’d be worth it. Kane is a surefire bombshell of a woman and a warrior to boot who never loses her cool. Even when being chased by police officers, even when she’s dislocated her shoulder, and even when her beloved father is held at gunpoint, Kane never once breaks down crying, or begging anyone for help. She instead focuses on the task at hand and gets the job done.

She’s a stone cold fox to boot, a woman who’d know how to keep a man at her side and keep him satisfied while also becoming one of the most unpredictable housewives in history. She could likely commit to a wedding and honeymoon, and then break the neck of someone who tried to steal from her in a foreign city. She knows the way of the land, but is downbeat enough to blend in with everyone else. Plus, she surely knows how to kick back when wants to with a glass of wine and some good old fashioned loving. Mallory Kane would be fun to be married to, there’s no doubt.


7. River Tam – Serenity
She’s a girl whose been broken, betrayed, destroyed, and tortured for most of her life. Firsly for possessing a gift of mysterious mental aptitude, and then for knowing too much about the government that rules her verse. The only pure love she’s ever known is from her brother whose spent most of his life protecting her from evil. And River has spent most of her time trying to regain her bearings and gather her sanity for the sake of finding a path in life that’s away from the gun fire and blood shed.

She’s burdened with the fact that she knows everything and feels everything around her, and can do nothing but hold it in and wish for something resembling normality in her life. River is a gentle and gorgeous young girl, and one that needs a good mate in her life to treat her well. And someone who’s not her brother, of course. Eventually River will seek a life of her own once she finds Serenity to be a place that she can’t fit in to. And a good husband and or partner can make things easier on her and show her how to live life happy without fear of losing her loved ones.


6. Jules – Superbad
In the end we had kind of a hard time deciding who we’d love to marry. In “Superbad” both Jules and Becca are incredibly desirable and dreamy high school girls that any young man would want a date with. Jules and Becca are also worth the effort that night of stealing liquor, nearly being killed repeatedly, and running in to a violent gang of partiers in an attempt to sneak out some booze for Jules’ party. Jules and Becca both have their merits in terms of personality, sex appeal, and girlfriend value, but in the end we went for Jules.

While Becca is gorgeous, she seemed to be the kind of girl who’d have to be dragged home every single night from a party over some drinking incident. Jules however declines any kind of drink, even at her party’s wildest, and spends most of it looking after people and ensuring they have a good time. Not to mention, she’s an adorable and gorgeous red head who has a good head on her shoulder, as we learn by the end of “Superbad.” She’s not only girlfriend material, but she’d be an ace role model and a good wife. She is only one great part of a great movie like “Superbad,” though.


5. Sam – Garden State
Oh come on, some people say she’s like nails on a chalkboard, but how can you not fall in love with Sam the minute you meet her? She’s this neurotic, quirky, and unusual girl with an undercurrent of sadness to her. Sure she giggles, and has these odd ticks to her, but she’s a girl crying out for love. She has had a lot of heart ache and humiliation due to her disability, and she just wants to be accepted beyond her family. She’s a very loving and interesting girl who spends most of her time trying to experience every fun activity she can while also bringing out the best in people.

She really just deserves a guy who can handle her idiosyncrasies and odd habits for lying and blurting out whatever words come to her mind. Once you can overcome that awkward habit that she uses as her defense mechanism, she’s a sweet heart worth cherishing.


4. Sam – The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Sam is really an understated beauty of a girl with a unique sense of intelligent and charisma that makes her the ideal girl to fawn over. She’s a young interesting individual who has a lot to give, but unfortunately is the victim of being too trusting. Still given the reputation of being promiscuous after being taken advantage of during her first years of high school, she spends most of her time looking for the right kind of love, and clings to her ever loving stepbrother who adores her unconditionally.

Sam is a girl who dreams of restarting her life over and being given a second chance to show that she’s actually someone worthy of love and affection, but can do nothing but wait out high school and hope college can promise her a new beginning. Sam is definitely a girl that deserves a great marriage and love life, and is a character that is just beautiful from head to toe, inside and out. She’s that beauty that doesn’t need to flaunt how utterly breathtaking she is, and that makes her even more capable of being desired and wanted by any pure blooded male.


3. Corie Bratter – Barefoot in the Park
Corie Bratter isn’t just insanely sexy and charismatic, but she’s a fun loving woman intent on settling down with a good man. From the minute we meet Corie, she is so utterly in love with husband Paul, she refuses to let him leave the hotel room. But when he arrives to his new apartment, Corie sets out to settle them in and begin their new life as a married couple in love. Corie is the faithful bombshell of a wife who is devoted to her man and has a great outlook on the meaning of commitment and love.

She spends most of the movie obsessing about her marriage, and wants to please as a wife as much as possible without demeaning herself. She can also take lemons and make lemonade, as we see when she renovates her small hubble of an apartment in something worthy of living in and cozying up to. She’s also a very experimental and lively young woman who tries to bring out the best from the people around her in an effort to appreciate life. Corie is definite wife material who’d keep us on our toes more times than we realize. Plus she’s incredible to look at.


2. Ree Dolly – Winter’s Bone
Ree Dolly is exactly the kind of female role model that has gone under appreciated, and she’s also the kind of woman who’d make a wonderful wife. Even in spite of being handed so much responsibility at such a young age, she’s managed to keep herself together and spends most of her time caring for everyone else and taking up the duties of a woman twice her age. She has the maturity and responsibility of an older woman and tries to squeeze in getting an education during her time at her farm where she struggles day to day to figure out how to feed herself, her siblings, and her sick mother.

When tasked with the mission to find her drug dealing father at risk of losing her home, she sets out to find him and risks life and limb. Above all else she shows her siblings how to fend for themselves, and proves she’s a nurturer and alpha female who’d not only make one hell of an ally, but an excellent companion for a good man. She’s maturity, grace, intelligence, and courage all rolled in to one with an eye on preserving her family while establishing herself as the primary authority figure in her brood. She’s a woman worth pining after.


1. Amy Stone – The Family Stone
Sure, we love “The Family Stone.” The cast is great, the story is sweet, the movie is touching and heart felt, and we consider it grossly underrated in the league of family dramedies released. But the main reason we continue re-visiting the movie over and over is for Amy Stone. Rachel McAdams is absolutely wife material as the quirky and often rebellious Amy Stone, whose unkempt fashion sense and personality make us smitten every single time we watch the film. From her good humor, intelligence, rebellious attitude, her free thinking, her lack of convention and conformity, and her smart mouth, she’s pretty much the perfect woman.

And the fact that she loves her family and is very protective over them consistently gets her in to trouble. She’s one of the many liberal thinking children of the Stones who arrives with the preparations to oust her brother’s newest girlfriend from the family for being so uptight and unwilling to connect with others. The character of Amy Stone is a woman that’s hard to pin down, but has her heart in the right place throughout the film. She’s afraid of this woman ruining her family’s bond, and she’ll do whatever it takes to protect it. Amy as a character leaves us smitten every time we watch “The Family Stone,” and we’re willing to propose.