Top Action Stars – 8 Movie Collection (DVD)

For the hardcore action buffs, Mill Creek Entertainment offers up an eight pack from fans of Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, and Dolph Lundgren. While a few of the titles are from their days of box office domination, the rest of the films are their more recent action adventures with one word titles to present a vague idea of what the movie entails.

Van Damme stars in “Universal Soldier: The Return,” the 1999 sequel to the classic action film where Van Damme must fight new soldiers in the form of Michael Jai White and wrestler Bill Goldberg. Though not as beloved as the original, it’s still a pretty decent follow-up. “Knock Off” stars Van Damme as a fashion designer who has to team up with Rob Schneider to uncover an illegal crime ring in the fashion world.

2006’s “Second In Command” stars Van Damme as a military official who has to fend off against insurgents with a small group of soldiers inside an embassy, as the first in command is killed. “The Hard Corps” stars Van Damme yet again as an army veteran who recruits a group of bodyguards to protect a high profile boxer from a dangerous hip hop star just released from jail who promised to murder the boxer and his sister. ” Attack Force” stars Steven Seagal as Marshall Lawson (seriously) a military official investigating the mysterious circumstances behind his team’s death, that leads in to the uncovering of a massive military conspiracy involving drugs, and a rogue from the military.

Directed by mink (seriously) and co-written by Steven Seagal (no, seriously), ” Into the Sun” stars Seagal as an Ex-Yakuza trained mobster recruited by the Toyko government to find out who killed the governor, while breaking bones and chopping necks through the Yakuza crime underground. “The Russian Specialist” stars Dolph Lundgren (who also directs!) who repeats the Punisher again as an ex-soldier who decides to strike down the Russian mafia when his wife and son are caught in the middle of a violent gang war. “Conspiracy” stars Val Kilmer as an retired Special Ops who goes to the South West to visit his best friend. When no one seems to know who he is after he mysteriously disappears, it’s up to Kilmer to unravel the mystery.

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