History of Your Life – The Decades Collection – 40s-80s (DVD)

Nostalgia buffs looking to revel in the decades prior to when they were born, or in the decade in which they grew up in will love what Mill Creek Entertainment has dealt fans, with a packaged boxed set of their “History of Your Life” Decades DVD’s which come with some unique features for fans who want to spend a few hours in the bosom of nostalgia.

The 40’s DVD features a fun interactive timeline of the most important events of the 1940’s, as well as the feature film, 1946’s “‘Til The Clouds Roll By.” Starring Judy Garland among others. It’s a breezy musical bio-pic about Broadway pioneer Lou Kern with rollicking musical numbers and various segments.  There’s a complete episode for 1949’s “The Lone Ranger” starring Clayton Moore in an episode entitled “Enter the Lone Ranger.” Finally there are five classic TV commercials and movie trailers from the 1940’s.

For the 1950’s, there’s another interactive time line of the most important events of the decade both political and entertainment wise, and the 1954 feature film “The Last Time I Saw Paris” starring Elizabeth Taylor as a young woman who falls in love with a war journalist in Paris. It stars Walter Pidgeon, Van Johnson, and Donna Reed, respectively.

There’s also an episode for “Dragnet” entitled “The Big .22 rifle for Christmas” starring Jack Webb, as well as Seven 1950’s TV Commercials, and Five various Movie Trailers for films released in the 50’s. For the 1960’s DVD there’s the complete feature film “The Over The Hill Gang,” the 1969 Comedy starring Walter Brennan, Andy Devine and Jack Elam as cowboys assigned to clean up a lawless town. There’s a Complete TV Episode of “Bonanza” entitled “Day of Reckoning” with guest star Ricardo Montalban. There’s also the interactive timeline, five TV commercials, and five movie trailers from the decade.

For the 1970’s, there’s the complete feature film, the 1975 Harvey Keitel starring “That’s The Way Of the World” chronicles Buck Coleman’s fight against the music industry pressuring him to look for a new white musical act when he pushes to get the group “Earth, Wind and Fire” noticed by the world. There’s the complete episode of “Disney’s Trail” starring Bob Denver, as well as five TV commercials, Five movie trailers, and an interactive timeline for the decade. Finally, the 1980’s offers “Bail Out” the 1989 film starring David Hasselhoff, as well as the 2 Part Pilot episode for “21 Jump Street” starring johnny Depp. There are also five commercials from the 80’s, a well as movie trailers, and an interactive time line.


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