Comic Bucket List #5: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash


Jason Craig, James Kuhoric

Initial Appeal:
I really enjoyed “Freddy vs. Jason” but was never behind the idea of Ash meeting the pair and battling them. It’d just be another instance of an open ended finale. Granted, Ash is a great character but I never had confidence in it, and when the original screenplay was converted in to a comic mini-series I had to see how it would unfold.

Most Memorable Moment:
It’s interesting to see how Ash dreams and what he dreams of. Not surprisingly, Krueger uses his experiences with the deadites as dream fodder, including mini-verions of Krueger, and sentient clawed hands that try to disembowel Ash.

Best Character:
Ash really does manage to out cool Jason and Freddy. And that’s saying a lot. Jason is mostly just a strong arm, and Freddy is the master mind, so Ash has to spend his time trying to think two steps ahead of both maniacs, and he has a ball doing it. Even if he’ll never admit it.

Lives up to Expectations?
I don’t know how this would have translated on-screen, but as a comic it works well. It’s a fun and often times hilarious horror action crossover that really makes Ash the underdog. I’m not a fan of the depiction of Jason as just a lunk headed oaf who does people’s dirty works, though. As a Jason fan it’s annoying I’ve yet to read a comic where he’s depicted as a horrifying maniac. Here he is simply Freddy Krueger’s toadie, and is pushed in to the background in the final half of the story in favor of an Ash vs. Krueger match. In either case, despite my criticisms and reservations, “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash” is really a good time, and puts a creative spin on the crossover. Months have passed after Freddy battled Jason, and Jason returns to his horror roots by murdering Lori and Will.

For whatever reason, Lori and Will return to Crystal Lake just to make sure Jason and Freddy have died. Jason returns to slaughter the pair, and despite Lori’s anger at his betrayal, he splits her melon in half with his machete. Meanwhile it turns out Jason did really walk out of the lake with Freddy’s head in tow, and now Freddy is a talking head without a body that Jason keeps beside his mother’s skull. For reasons never explained, Freddy wants Jason to find the Necronomicon which will allow him to build a new body, and garner powers over reality and the dream world. Through twisted nightmares, Freddy convinces Jason that he is his new stepfather, and Jason’s mom beckons Jason to find the book of the dead. Now that Crystal Lake is being re-named, a new S-Mart has opened to attract tourists, and the workers are behind schedule on the opening.

To help increase productivity, the manager for S-Mart in Detroit named Ash is brought in to help. As Ash is mocked and pushed aside by the teens working at the store, Jason begins slaughtering locals, and is intent on finding the necronomicon. Ash is also intent on finding the book, and begins to discover why Jason wants it. The two go at it in more ways than one, with Ash being able to dodge much of Jason’s attacks, and barely escapes Jason slaughtering the entire S-Mart single handedly. By wit, fast foot work, and luck, Ash outruns Jason’s siege, and grabs the book. Freddy, angered at Jason, digs in to his head and discovers Ash is thwarting his efforts, and Freddy goes after Ash and his friends, corrupting his dreams and tries to kill Ash repeatedly.

Ash is often too clever, even for Krueger. Sadly, Jason grabs the book and Freddy is able to rebuild his body, now taking on the form of a powerful being. Ash has to battle the all powerful Krueger, and Jason who now has been granted a brain thanks to a deal with Krueger. The reasoning for Ash coming to Crystal Lake is creative, and I really enjoyed how ahead of everyone he was in regards to Jason. The massacre at S-Mart is hilarious with one of the characters being beheaded by a clip board, and Freddy dispenses of a character by killing him with dodge balls in his dreams. That said, how the hell did Freddy know about the Necronomicon? Did he read it during his days as a child molester and serial killer?

Did he find out about the book when he was in hell? And it’s always been explained that Freddy’s physical form is that of a mortal, so how in the hell is he able to survive on just a head all of this time? In either case, while the mini-series has its problems and plot holes, I enjoy the concept that Jason is a deadite of vengeance, and that Freddy is something so much more heinous. Freddy goes beyond dream demon as a full fledged demon with immense power, and it’s miraculous Ash survives the confrontation. But then, that’s Ash’s journey as a hero. He’s survived by skill and dumb luck. It’s a fun and very solid follow-up to “Freddy vs. Jason,” and one that adds to Ash’s hero appeal.