Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Halloween_5_Die_Rache_des_Michael_Myers_4Granted, Ellie Cornell wasn’t the most enthusiastic or memorable actress, but she did add a sense of sanity and empathy to the plight of Jamie Lloyd when facing Michael Myers. Cornell’s decision to be killed off in Part five sullied the movie and completely destroyed any emotional base that it could have. After a very cheap death at the hands of Michael Myers, he begins to stalk Jamie Lloyd again and roams around Haddonfield again just wandering around. He really has no purpose in the movie other than to just kill Jamie.

Until she shows her face, Michael just roams around Haddonfield killing off a lot of boring supporting characters that are set up to die very quickly. “The Revenge of Michael Myers” has no actual main character to it. Jamie is mostly a plot device as her odd joining with Michael’s soul has turned her in to a mute patient at a mental facility. She spends most of her time seeing Michael murder people through visions and desperately warns people of his presence. Meanwhile Wendy Foxworth plays one of the most obnoxious characters in movie history, a ditzy, obnoxious supporting character who replaces Rachel when she dies. She’s such a good friend of Rachel’s that she barely checks up on her when Rachel goes missing. Considering the sisters experienced a run in with an invincible serial killer, you’d think she’d set out to find Rachel just to make sure she’s okay.

But no, she spends most of the movie mugging for the camera and portraying a character that’s like nails on a chalkboard. I’m shocked this movie spends so much time on her when she makes every dumb move in the book, and even ignores Jamie when Jamie urges her to avoid the local Halloween party. Tina’s presence in the film is grating, and she barely registers as a supporting character. Why do we even have to focus on this character at all? What does she have to offer? Everyone else are just introduced to up the body count, including two inept officers watching Tina during her Halloween party. Most of “The Revenge of Michael Myers” is absolutely forgettable, save for Danielle Harris who is quite fantastic as the young tortured Jamie, pushed to her wits end in an effort to battle Michael Myers.

Her struggles are heart wrenching, especially when thrust in to the horrible underbelly of Michael’s house which doubles as a parlor for the bodies he collects. “The Revenge of Michael Myers” is so off the rails, that it even introduces a mysterious new character who is featured periodically throughout the film entering Haddonfield and travelling to meet someone never explained. There’s a big implication as to what is to come with this new character, and Akkad fails to deliver on every single level. “The Revenge of Michael Myers” is sub-par filler for completists of the series only. It’s Danielle Harris’ last turn as Jamie Lloyd and features a grim and utterly hopeless final scene that signals Michael’s relentlessness toward snuffing out his family bloodline.