Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983) [Blu-Ray]


It’s been presumably a thousand years since nuclear explosions destroyed the ozone layer, thus relinquishing all source of water from mother nature. On the forefront of the battle for Earth’s last bit of water are a peaceful society and the ravenous Exterminators that drive around in war vehicles. So water is nowhere to be found but gas is a very large resource? “Exterminators of the Year 3000” is the type of “Mad Max” wannabe trash I love. It’s goofy, it’s silly, but hot damn is it fun or what?

Alien is the man with the curls and beard who drives a junked up police car. Branded a coward by his community, he goes out in search of water, unaware Crazy Bull and his men are on the search for the precious resource as well. Much of “Exterminators of the Year 3000” involves people driving in cars meant to look as if they were made in the apocalypse, and includes a ton of combat with vehicles and explosives. There isn’t much sense to it as the film never really has much of a commentary for the audience, nor does it really want to provide its own unique formula. It’s mainly just a cribbing of “Mad Max” where the war for water stretches out in to the wilderness and prove himself the hero to his son and his son’s mascot, a loyal hamster he carries around without hesitation.

There isn’t a disfigured or grotesque individuals in the bunch considering nuclear fall out was a major downfall of society. It’s probably for the best considering Alien is chased around by his ex lover Trash, as played by the gorgeous Alicia Moro. I love the Italian wave of “Mad Max” and “Escape from New York” apocalypse films, and “Exterminators of the Year 3000” hurts so good, right down to the freak out in the finale thanks to a light drizzle. It’s a definite knock off that qualities as a gem. The Blu-Ray from Scream Factory garners an audio commentary from actor Robert Iannucci, as well as a commentary with Iannucci. Finally, there are a slew of TV Spots for the film.