Scared Silly: 13 Classic Horror Comedies (DVD)


For the Mill Creek compilation “Scared Silly,” the company brings together the roots of horror comedy with a thirteen movie set that’s well worth the cash. Some of it is the same old material you’ll find in other collections, but considering the sub-genre, that’s nothing to sneeze at. On Disc One there’s 1961’s Creature from the Haunted Sea starring the googly eyed sea weed monster, as directed by Roger Corman. It’s a classic you can’t help but giggle through.

There’s The Creeping Terror, the awful 1964 monster movie about a gelatinous creature that absorbs its victims, and 1987’s Deathrow Gameshow. There’s also the East End Kids adventure Ghosts on the Loose from 1943, and the Roger Corman “Little Shop of Horrors,” from 1960 about a man held hostage by a man eating plant. Things go awry when he begins feeding his customers to the plant that demands more food. Manos: The Hands of Fate is the infamous horror movie turned comedy about a vacationing family held victim by a Satanist and his hoof legged sidekick Torgo. It’s such an inept piece of filmmaking that you can’t help by cackle throughout the entire narrative.

Or what they call a narrative in this excuse for a movie. I suggest watching it with the MST3K gang. “My Mom’s a Werewolf” is the 1989 film starring John Saxon, and there’s of course “One Body Too Many” starring Bela Lugosi. A Bucket of Blood is another Roger Corman classic, while The Gorilla is a laugh riot murder mystery starring Bela Lugosi and the Ritz Brothers. King of the Zombies is the 1941 public domain horror entry, follow by Scared Stiff from 1945 starring Martin and Lewis and Carmen Miranda. Finally, Spooks Run Wild is another East Side Kids adventure starring Bela Lugosi. “Scared Silly” is a solid compilation of classic and contemporary horror comedies and inadvertent horror comedies that you can enjoy for hours. It’s fodder for the self respecting movie buff.