X-Rated Alley: 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 13 & 14

xratedalley-logoImpulse Pictures is back with Volumes 13 and 14 of “The Peep Show Collection” now on DVD. As always these collections are prime artifacts for many niche movie collectors. If you’re a porn aficionado, remember the days of going to grindhouses in the seventies, or just want to watch vintage erotic cinema to chronicle its evolution, “The Peepshow Collection” is the best place to chart your journey. Though every DVD from Impulse only runs a little under two hours or so, they pack a hefty load of erotic and adult short reels.

Most of these, almost lost to time, played in cinemas, or movie booths in various porn shops during the seventies and eighties. As I’ve explained before, long, long before the internet was ever a regular fixture, many individuals would have to travel to Manhattan, walk in to a seedy porn shop, and watch short bursts of porn cinema in private booths. Often times these shorts were poorly made, but they accomplished their task of enticing consumers. These days they’re a nice little relic of the times, and a library that deserves to be preserved. Volume 13 is split up in to three sections: Boy and Girl, Three or more, and Lesbian.

peepsDVDThere are a few shorts this time around involving “golden showers,” which may or may not be a selling point for some folks. “Anatomy of a Rape” is a short involving a sailor who forces a woman in to sex, and ends the short with a golden shower. There’s also one girl on girl short with two women urinating on a toilet while making out and petting. On the upside there are some really good shorts including “One More Time” where two sexy women finish a bout of sit ups with a threesome with their male partner. “Big Girls” is also a stand out. If you like full figured women, look for that short.

The Liner notes from Robin Lougie features a fun interview with porn collector Leland Boozer from Portland. In Volume 14, some of the best shorts include “Devil in Tina Russell,” from Three or More, in where light girl on girl petting and a photographer ends in a threesome. “Ping Pong Pushover,” from the Boy and Girl category is a very good one involving an aggressive game of ping pong ending in intense intercourse. Volume 14 features a fun new liner note by Dimitrios Otis, a porn archaeologist who discusses the progression of porn from spoof cartoons, and private viewing in men’s clubs to a bonafide industry.