Sun, Sand and Sweat 4 Movie Set [2 Blu-ray]

sunsweatandsandIf you’re in the market for some summer time comedy filled with raunch, eighties madness, gratuitous nudity, and a bunch of aspiring movie stars or future movie stars like Johnny Depp, and Jamie Lee Curtis, Mill Creek has the four movie line up for your pleasure. Now on Blu-Ray, these are four of the most terrible and yet entertaining movies of the eighties for economic movie collectors.

From 1985, there’s “Private Resort,” a critically maligned and infamous comedy known mainly for starring then unknowns Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow. The pair plays high schoolers on spring break who wreak havoc in a private resort hotel. They get in to all sorts of misadventures and hijinks including wild parties, getting in to trouble with a young lunk headed Andrew Dice Clay, and come across insanely busty Leslie Easterbrook, who plays the Southern Belle wife of the hotel owner. “Private Resort” should only be watched for the sense of irony as it’s generally laughless and totally aimless in its narrative, but at least shamelessly embraces the decade’s aesthetic.

From 1984, there’s “Hardbodies,” another sand and sun comedy based around a slacker and beach liason named Scotty who is kicked out of his apartment by his mean landlord. When three middle aged bachelors arrive to the beach to have a weekend of sex and partying, they hire Scotty to recruit a bunch of hot women for them. While helping them learn how to talk to women and luring women to perform, Scotty begins falling for a local, who also becomes the object of affection for one of the middle aged bachelors. It’s silly, absurd, and pure eighties drivel. The 1985 “Perfect” finds John Travolta at the beginning of his eighties slump. After banking on the popularity of the sixties, disco, and the Southern boom of the seventies, he never hits it with the aerobics-centric drama comedy “Perfect.”

Travolta plays a “Rolling Stones” writer set to chronicle how fitness clubs have become a place for singles to meet. When he ends up falling for Curtis’ aerobics instructor, he garners a crisis of conscience and begins rethinking his article. Finally 1983’s “Spring Break” directed by Sean S. Cunningham is another fun and sun beach romp about four guys who meet on spring break and begin engaging in a series of wet T-shirt contests, and beer drinking competitions, all the while one of the main characters Nelson fights his evil uncle who wants to tear down the hotel and end their summer fun. All four films have no special features, but are given solid transfers on two Blu-Ray discs.