Bad, Bad, Gang! (1972) (DVD)

BBGDVDBack then hippies must have seemed like dirty go nowhere weirdos prone to smoking pot and having a lot of wild sex; because, well, they kind of were. But they were also prone to being the predators and sometimes prey for much of the seventies and early eighties horror and exploitation cinema. “Bad, Bad, Gang!” is a pretty solid porn film right out of the summer of love where bikers and goofy hippies clash to engage in a free for all of sex and rape.

A pair of fairly ordinary men is riding the country side in their trailer with their pair of really hot women. Along the way they accidentally cross the predatory biker gang the Cobras, all of whom proceed to plan on kidnapping their women folk and forcing them in to sex. As explained in the DVD’s liner notes, it’s apparent that it was just too damn hot for anyone to really engage in rigorous sex for the film. Pretty much the entire porn is set in the middle of a field and a desert and both locations look like the actors are stewing in their own sweat in a hundred degree weather.

So for most of the film while the bikers begin kidnapping both women, the women are subjected to a lot of forced oral sex, with only the occasional instance of penetration and hardcore sex ensuing on film. “Bad, Bad, Gang!” at least lives up to its promise of sleazy exploitation and is a solid adult film. Despite some choppy film condition and really awful audio, “Bad, Bad, Gang!” will appeal to porn aficionados that appreciate vintage adult cinema.

The DVD features snippets of editions from Impulse Pictures’ “The Peep Show Collection.”