Lumette (2016)

lumetteProduced at The University of Hertfordshire, director Phoebe Warries’ “Lumette” is a brilliant and sweet animated short fantasy about the symbioses of nature and its relationship with the wildlife. Though Warries explains the movie is a fantasy, “Lumette” really illuminates how beautiful nature at its most raw can be.

Mixing computer animation and 2D animation, “Lumette” follows a lone wolf, as he struggles to move the moon across the land and on to the highest peak of a mountain. Along the way, the wolf is faced with all kinds of elements and obstacles, but is relentless in restoring the natural order.

Warries’ animated style is absolutely vibrant and mesmerizing, as she unfolds a grand landscape of nature, from woodland creatures, to fireflies buzzing around tall grass. “Lumette” is a very vibrant love letter to nature and the natural order of life, and Warries has potential to deliver a fine animated film down the line. “Lumette” is a beautiful concept realized in to a stellar and mesmerizing short film with a very poetic climax.