Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1992) [Blu-Ray]

BasketCase3So Duane cracks after “Basket Case 2” which is kind of expected. Your mutated brother is finally getting laid by someone he connects with someone he was literally connected to, and the only girl you ever love dies after revealing she has a mutant living within her stomach—or something. The dam is bound to break. In either case, the gang is all back here and on full fledged crazy mode. Even Granny Ruth returns once more to lead the charge and fight for her mutant brothers and sisters to be accepted in to society. I mean… there are people with deformities that live perfectly normal lives, but okay. Everyone has to have a cause, I guess. Now that Belial has fallen in love with fellow mutant Eve, and has somewhat caused her to spring forth other deformed monsters, Duane is reserved as a sidekick of a sorts.

For some reason Henenlotter softens up the lovable mutant Belial turning him in to an expectant father, and now that Eve gives birth, Belial has to protect his litter of children. Especially now that a local sheriff and his psychotic sadomasochistic daughter want the children for some nefarious reason. The problem is Duane is now in a padded cell after accidentally killing Susan and Belial is the doting father, donchaknow? Along the way Granny Ruth helps Belial fight for the freedom of his children and also helps to take down the crooked mutant stealing sheriff. She even gives us an inexplicable musical number, chanting along with her mutant disciples on a bus, for some reason. “Basket Case 3” is thankfully the final film (before an inevitable reboot of some kind), and it goes whole hog in its sense of lunacy with an admittedly much better sense of dark comedy.

There’s also the shockingly sexy Tina Louise Hilbert, which is a small consolation for the time wasted. The final film in the trilogy is now in HD thanks to Synapse Films, and comes with a reversible cover. As well there’s the original trailer for “The Progeny” in Standard Definition.