Interview with Scream Queen and Author Carrie Keagan

carrie-keagan-1I first learned about Carrie Keagan during her stint on “Attack of the Show” in the mid-aughts. As one of the hundreds of men in America smitten with the bold, funny, quick as a whip, and daring journalist, I’ve been following her career and am pleased to see Ms. Keagan is now starring in two highly anticipated upcoming horror films. Carrie Keagan has an insatiable appetite for horror movies, and is a bonafide horror geek and self-professed “Gore Whore” who can be seen playing a Burlesque dancer/zombie fighter in Staci Layne Wilson’s “Fetish Factory,” and as a bride to be turned monster in “The Fiance.”

Thanks to talented director Staci Layne Wilson, I was lucky enough to grab an interview with the very busy Carrie Keagan, who is taking on more film projects, huge television projects, and even released a memoir.

You describe yourself as a “Gore Whore” on your Official Twitter, how long have you been a horror fan?
I have been a fan of horror since the day my parents named me after a kick ass classic horror film. I don’t know if that says more about them or me.

Are there any horror performers or scream queens you’re especially a fan of?
Elvira Mistress of the Dark, duh!  She is the epitome of horror royalty. She is Goth gorgeous, wildly witty, and has a great penchant for puns!

Was it hard working with the make up for “The Fiance”?
The hardest part of shooting the Fiance was the temperature!  It was December and the nights got down way below sweater weather, making all the fake blood freeze to my face and hair.  In between takes I would bundle up in a plush robe to stay warm and when I would remove it to shoot the red colored maple syrup would stick to everything, pulling out my hair and ripping off the skin on my arms. There¹s a good possibility that some of the blood you see on me is my own.

carriekeagan-2Did you enjoy playing more for dramatic effect in “The Fiance”?
I have been doing comedy most of my career so it was a refreshing change to be able to really get my fingers dirty, literally and emotionally. When I first read the script and realized this was not about some girl running naked through the woods but actually a woman kicking some serious ass I was sold!

Do you have a favorite big foot movie?
“Harry and the Hendersons”! (Laughs) But seriously, I loved watching Leonard Nimoy¹s “In Search of Bigfoot” as a kid. The Bigfoot genre is one of the lesser explored monster movies. These days we are all obsessed with zombies, witches and ghosts.  Which isn’t bad thing but I think it’s about time we bring back some good ol’ monster flicks like “Gremlins,” “The Monster Squad,” or “Hellraiser.” I mean, “Pan’s Labyrinth” is one of my favorite films of all time! But a monster like Bigfoot, that might actually exist, is about as scary as it gets!

Were there any challenges when working on “Fetish Factory”?
Showing up on the first day and realizing I was going to be in my underwear for the rest of the shoot. Oh and then having to learn how to be a ventriloquist.

carrie-keagan-3Did you do any improv for “Fetish Factory” for your character?
Staci was very precise with what she wanted from us, but with any role there are subtleties and nuances. So there was plenty of opportunity to bring life to those moments. Staci wrote a really fun script but when you put five girls in a scene in their underwear you are going to get some crazy shit!

What attracted you to play Bettie in “Fetish Factory”?
Bettie Page is an icon. She changed the way people view women and their sexual freedom. She was a pioneer of women’s lib. I respect her so much for that. On the other hand, Bettie was known as a playful vixen and a bad girl.  What a great character to play! She is the best of both worlds.

Are independent movies harder or easier to make than films with larger budgets?
In some ways they are harder because you don¹t have millions of dollars to blow on catering and plush white trailers for everyone, but they are way more creatively fulfilling.  If the Director or the actor has an idea about a scene that’s not on the page, more often than not you have the time to try it and see if it works. I think there¹s magic in those experimental moments.

Have you worked with Staci Layne Wilson before?
I have known Staci for years! We kind of “grew up” together as film journalists. I always knew she was going to do something big. I was so excited when she called me to be her Bettie! I hadn¹t really done much film work at that point, just small parts here and there, so she took a chance on me and I am so grateful. We have now made three films together. I can’t wait for number four!

carrie-keagan-4What advice do you have for actresses anxious to break out in the horror movie world?
Be open to possibilities. No role is too small, no opportunity is meaningless.  Everything is training. Dn¹t be afraid to take chances. You just never know what possibilities lay ahead. Sometimes it’s the silly little role that gets you discovered. And toughen up because you¹re going to be naked, running through the woods covered in blood most of the time.

What can you tell us about “Everybody Curses, I Swear!?”
You should expect non-stop, jaw dropping insanity laced with hilarious potty-mouthed depravity! Over the last decade I’ve conducted some of THE most outrageous, no-holds barred interviews you could ever imagine with THE biggest stars in the world. My sit downs have amassed well over two BILLION views online. My book brings to life all of the crazy behind the scenes stories from my incredible experiences as well as some of my most unbelievable interviews. There are over 500 celebrities featured in the book including A-listers Will Smith, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Anniston, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Matt Damon, Emma Stone, Ben Affleck, Kristen Stewart, Denzel Washington and Robert Downey, Jr., to name a few, talking about the most intimate and unbelievable topics.

Together, we pushed almost every boundary there is, thanks to our mutual love of profanity!  I have never laughed so hard and I promise that what they said will blow your mind. In fact, if you want to know your favorite celebrities favorite curse words, look no further than my book. Plus, I’ll teach you a few new swear words to add some more color to your life from the over 1100 different curse words featured in the book.  The book is as much about my wild adventures in Hollywood as it is about my complicated journey growing up and fighting to break free from all the bullshit that holds your down and trying to do something with my life.

I wanted to be brutally honest so it was a conflicting experience writing it because it forced me to remember all the extraordinary moments and the very difficult ones, which is not an easy thing to do. Like growing up with crippling body image issues then having to deal with bullying and slut-shaming throughout high school then going through the ups and downs of being a girl in show business and everything in between.

bravo-after-hoursFinally, what can fans expect from you next?
I’m hosting a new show called Bravo After Hours with Carrie Keagan where I take fans on a wild and crazy ride into the late night shenanigans of some of the their favorite stars, exploring their go-to hot spots and after hours rituals. In the premiere episode, I take Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz for a guys’ night out where I do my very first Beer bong! Anything can happen and probably will.

I¹ll also be a contestant on the new Celebrity Apprentice on NBC in January.  This season it¹s like a whole new show!  Arnold Schwarzenegger will be behind the boardroom table replacing Donald Trump. It was surreal, but a total blast! It’s a fun show. I was a kid in a candy store just taking it all in. Obviously, I’m not allowed to say much but, for me, the entire experience of being on the show was, in a funny way, a lot like going to a nude beach for the first time. It’s a thrill to be invited and you¹re all sorts of excited and anxious about going and experiencing it, but as the day comes closer, you find yourself getting more and more nervous.

Then when you get there and it’s time to “drop trou” and put all your bits and pieces out there for the world to see, you feel very vulnerable. But then after a little while, you realize that everyone¹s bits and pieces are swinging in the breeze so you calm down and just go about your business. Who knew being naked could be so much fun! I had a great time. Arnold was great but every time he spoke all I could see was Dutch from “Predator”!

I loved that movie!

“The Fiance” is now available for rent or purchase! “Fetish Factory” is coming soon!