The PC Thug: Five Reasons Why It’s Time for “The Big Bang Theory” To End

I am a big fan of “The Big Bang Theory.” I love the show, I think it’s hilarious, it consistently makes me laugh, and if I’m bored I’ll turn on cable and sit through a three hour marathon on TBS here in America. I’ve been watching it since season one and have found its ability to change its mold and renew itself entertaining, time and time again. The shift from a gimmicky sitcom about four geeky guys and the hot girl next door to four geeky guys learning to navigate actual relationships with three women has been fun to experience. That said, “The Big Bang Theory” really needs to end in season eleven.

With Season ten currently in progress here in America, it doesn’t look like the show is preparing to resolve all of its sub-plots, so I think it’s fair for the show to end on season eleven and go out on a high note. I mean, it would be great if the show ended on a high. It made its point and proved all its critics wrong. It lasted over a decade as one of the highest rated shows on TV, it has a massive following, and it’s so popular even the syndicated reruns on basic cable draw in so many viewers, they’ve managed to earn bigger ratings than original cable TV series’. It’s time for “The Big Bang Theory” to end, and here’s why.

5. There is No Conflict Now
Shows about man children stopped being fun, so the writers did the smart thing by allowing them to grow up and mature in to very adult relationships. And it’s boring. There is just no conflict or silly situations anymore. It’s just more Howard and Bernadette squawking about being parents, Leonard and Penny either acting as straight men or repeating the same arguments over and over, or Sheldon and Amy showing us how quirky their living situation is. Because they’re eccentric geniuses. The show lost its momentum in season nine and has been a snooze fest ever since.

4. The Baby plot Device is cheesy even for this show
I proclaimed in an early review years ago that I’d stop watching the show the minute a character had a baby, but I’m still watching, sadly. The baby has proven to be a plot device that is going nowhere very quickly. It’s there literally as a prop most times, and meant to accentuate Howard and Bernadette’s quirkiness, but all efforts have failed big time. It’s so old hat and cliché, and reeks of a desperate ratings grab for a show many allegedly claim is one of the highest rated shows on TV.

3. There Are Too Many Characters
We’re in season ten now, and there are just too many characters. The show started out as a series about four geeky guys and their hot neighbor next door. Then it transformed in to a show about four geeky guys and the women they love. Now it’s three female characters, four male characters, Stewart the comic shop guy who has been bumped up to main character, and now Howard and Bernadette have a child. Not to mention folks like Will Wheaton and Brian Posehn have had recurring roles since season eight. How about shrinking down the cast, and focusing on the core characters again?

2. Raj is now just an Extension of the Caucasian characters
Whether or not you liked Raj’s gimmick in the early seasons about not being able to talk to women, his arguable homosexual tendencies, and his feminine qualities, at least he had a character all his own. He had his own sub-plots and there were even whole episodes devoted to Raj. One episode had him being set up with a girl from his past, another was about testing a new drug to help him talk to women, etc. In season ten, not only is Raj just a glorified side character but he’s there really just to service the Caucasian characters’ sub-plots.

Everything about Raj’s life is gone, and now he’s there just to serve his friend Howard and wife Bernadette as well as pretty much acting as their man servant time and time again alongside character Stewart. Once his sub-plot with his girlfriends went nowhere, Raj was just turned in to a dull assistant to Howard and Bernadette whose character does literally nothing on the show these days unless they have something to do.  It was so much more entertaining when Raj had a personality and a character and obstacles to topple. Now he’s just window dressing for white characters, and it’s sad.

1. Penny is Still a Bitch, Leonard is Still a Push Over
Guess what? The two main characters, arguably Leonard and Penny, haven’t grown at all since season two. When we met them, Penny was a bitch and Leonard was a push over. When they got together, Penny was a bitch, and Leonard was a push over. When they got engaged, Penny was a bitch and Leonard was a push over. And now that they’re married and living together, these characters haven’t grown or evolved at all. Every time–at the convenience of the show–Penny and Leonard reach a point in their character development where they turn a corner, and go back. Then for the sake of conflict Penny reveals once again why she doesn’t deserve to be married to anyone, and why Leonard is always going to be her foot stool enabling her passive aggressiveness, alcoholism, lack of responsibility, and outright willingness to be the worst person in the room without ever having to apologize or face consequences.

In the most recent episode, Penny feels like Leonard is taking her for granted. You know, despite her taking him for granted since they met. When Leonard explains how foolish she is, and rightfully argues that he’s put all of the effort in their relationship since they met, Penny is unwilling to accept it, gives a huff, and leaves him to go on vacation. In the end of the episode, Penny is still a bitch, Leonard rolls over for her, and they wrap it up in to a neat bow rather than forcing them to confront their characters flaws. Worst of all, it’s season ten and Penny has still shown that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, she should not be married to anyone, let alone socializing with often nice folks like Bernadette, Amy, and Howard. It’s not just boring, but it’s tiring.