Timecode (2016)

ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE – I love a good romantic movie and I especially love it when directors approach the genre from a different angle. The reason why “Timecode” might just win an Oscar come February is because the way director Juanjo Giménez approaches the love of two people. The romance is built through technology, but not in the way you’d assume. Director Juanjo Giménez unfolds his short film with very little dialogue and a lot of acting that relies on facial expressions and heavy reactions to events that ensue.

Starring Lali Ayguadé and Nicolas Ricchini as Luna and Diego, director Giménez depicts both performers as security guards for a complex. Luna works the day shift and comes on to work after Diego. While looking through the video footage one day to go over her duties, she catches Diego walking around the parking lot, inspecting corners, and passing the time in a truly unusual manner he thinks only he is aware of. Much to his surprise, when he comes on to work his shift after Luna, he finds a post it note directing him to her archive of video footage.

Before long they’re trading notes back and forth connecting in the manner Diego loves and is most familiar with. “Timecode” is a beautiful and surreal tale of two introverts finding passion for something, and learning to connect to each other very subtly and poetically. “Timecode” is brilliantly edited with music by composer Iván Céster that helps bring such an unusual romance to life for us. “Timecode” is a memorable and sweet romance with a hilarious final scene, and I hope we can see more from Juanjo Giménez very soon.