Love The Original Way (2016)

I really like what writer Keldamuzik and director Hassan Leo bring to the table in the realm of romance comedies. “Love the Original Way” is a short film with big screen potential that deals in ideas about romance and how tough it can for a recovering alcoholic. While the film itself is steeped in the classic tropes of the romance comedy, it also charms with a relatable protagonist named Sissy, who is trying to find a way to navigate love and life without the crutch of alcohol.

Keldamuzik plays beautiful and single character Sissy, a young girl who is overcoming alcoholism and is looking for a boyfriend. She is forced to go through online dating sites which allow for a varying degree of weirdness as every man she comes across has their own eccentricities that promise to make her life even more complicated. When she happens across a potential winner on the dating app she uses, fate unfolds in wild ways. “Love the Original Way” is a nice and breezy romance comedy with spirited performances from the entire cast.

Keldamuzik’s performance is especially good as she’s helped by her own sharp writing and engaging characters. Granted some of the editing is rough, and I’m just not a fan of montages where characters dress in various outfits set to music. Nevertheless, Keldamuzik and Hassan Leo create a very relatable and entertaining romance comedy that not only tells an interesting story, but an interesting story about characters with their own flaws and personal battles. I hope we get to see more of director Leo and star/writer Keldamuzik again, very soon.

Now Available on Amazon Prime.