The WWE Book of Top 10’s [Paperback]

As a list junkie and an old school fan of WWE, “The WWE Book of Top 10’s” is a great new compilation for fans of the sport that tackles all areas of the WWE for fans to debate about. Of course with all lists and books about lists, there is bound to be some anger and or controversy, but first and foremost DK publishing’s “The WWE Book of Top 10’s” is a book meant for fun and intended to evoke conversation among wrestling buffs that can appreciate the novelty of this kind of guide.

Among some of the more interesting lists, there is stuff like “The Top 10 Signature Moves” with iconic finishers like The Tombstone included. There’s also some baffling and or inexplicable lists that seem included for filler. Like “The Top 10 Superstars of the 80’s.” Like… what is the criteria, and how can we measure that kind of status, exactly? Everyone has their own opinions and ideas about the best eighties superstars from the WWE. I’m also not sure what “Top 10 Dominant Champions” means, either. Dominant as in big? Dominant as in aggressive? Dominant as in muscle bound? What’s the criteria there? And “Top 10 Non-Title Matches”? That’s a weird one. And “Top Ten Rising Superstars” will be a very important list… for two minutes.

I think by January 2018, it’ll a funny, odd, or tragic look at people who either arose high to fame, or dropped faster than broken elevator. Along with the more opinion leaning lists, there are also some factual lists included like “Top 10 Longest Championship Reigns” and “Top 10 Shortest Championship Reigns.” All in all, WWE unleashes another really interesting guide for fans old and new. It’s two hundred pages filled with full color photos and dynamic action shots, and as with most DK Publishing paperbacks, it’s sturdy enough to carry around without it falling to pieces. “The WWE Book of Top 10’s” was a lot of fun to sift through and should be a fine addition to wrestling collections.